Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In which Tory channels a Disney princess from Spirit Prison

Are you cussing with me?

So yeah, this week has been hard, because A) Elders are DUMB B) Spanish is hard. And I could pretty much leave it at that and it would accurately sum up not only my week, but my entire CCM experience up to this point. 


Speaking of leadership, Hma. Giles and I are now Sister Trainer Leaders. Which basically means we ask the hermanas in our zone if they´re okay and give them lots of hugs. 

So yeah... At least I´ve got Hermana Giles. Also, our senior district just left which means WE´RE the senior district which is crazy because we just got here! I don´t speak any spainish and there´s no way I know how to give advice to newbies!  Don´t die? The tamales aren't that great? Get out while you still can? 

Anyway. I loved the old 7b´s hermanas and now they´re gone! back to the states, never to be seen again, probably. Though they did talk of having a ´zone reunion´when we all get back at Elder Anderson´s mansion in Brigham City but at this point, who knows. That´s a long way off and so far, I´m not sure there really is life after the CCM. I´ve only met one elder going to my mission. I´m half convinced it´s all a hoax and I actually died in a plane crash on the way to mexico city and I´m actually in spirit prison and no one has had the heart to tell me yet. 

But, Sunday as usual, was my savior. And Monday. And my first ever TRC. Which is basically where they make you go talk to real in´investigators from OUTSIDE THE WALLS!!! Seriously though, I feel like Rapunzel every time I look out over at mexico city over the walls (which actually do have a fence ON TOP of the wall, topped with razor wire, do you see why I´m getting the prison vibe?) I just start singing  ´When will my life begin´with Hma. Giles while looking wistfully out at the city. It´s just miles and miles of brightly colored/cement houses and it is so pretty, even if my bathroom sometimes smells of sulfur and my classroom occasionally has a whiff of sewage. 

But, in TRC we taught this really sweet old woman and her ADORABLE granddaughter named Amelia, who is probably about 7 years old, maybe younger. But she had the prettiest eyes I think I´ve ever seen and I wanted to smuggle her home to the states with me, she was so cute. And when I asked her what she knew about Jesus and she said in this tiny little voice ´Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador, Y nuestro amoroso hermano´I almost DIED. She´s so CUTE. And Sunday we listened to a great devotional from Richard G. Scott from the provo mtc two years ago and he started it out with Í feel like I´ve died and gone to heaven´and then i really DID cry because he was so sweet in his devotional about prayer and i was just crying in the back like ´ýou did die and go go heaven oh my gosh don´t talk about your dear Genine oh he did. That´s it. I´m done.´

Don´t mind the crazy Hermana in the back sobbing over this adorable old man and sincere prayer, it´s been a rough week. But seriously, if you can watch that devotional, Provo MTC, Richard G. Scott, April 2013 DO IT because it was so good!!! It was just what I needed after the crappy week I´d had. Ah, it was so perfect. Also, I ran into a long lost relative? Coulter Christensen, from Richfeild, Ron Mills´s Grandson??? I dunno, but he stopped me at dinner and was like ´wait, are you hermana mills from joseph?´ And apparently he knew where I was from because I talked to some hermanas from his District and they said there was an Hermana Mills from Joseph Utah by Richfeild and so he hunted me down and was like [surprise!! We´re cousins!!´ so even here, smack dab in the middle of mexico city, I´m STILL finding cousins. Wonders never cease.

Anywho, that´s all I´ve got time for, but please, if you´re the prayin´sort, pray for my friend Jade and her family. 


Hermana Mills.

P-day like a boss

The view from Rapunzel's Tower

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In which Hermana Mills more fully embraces her spirit animal, and attempts to be an athlete

Heavenly Father or Obi-Wan Kanobi?

So folks, here´s the weekly update on your favorite spanish speaking Hermana missionera en la ccm.

lol, i don´t speak Spanish.


Do I laugh or do I cry?


<but this week has been better, even if it just started. Sundays are the refresher days after Thursday through Saturday runs you through the mill.

On Sunday we had a really great devotional by Hermano Lane Steingel who is a liguist for the church offices and he helps run all the MTC´s or something, and he helped put together Preach My Gospel. So, he was cool. Also really funny and the best speaker we´ve heard here yet. He was really good at telling us not to settle for anything less than excellence without making us feel like losers. Or at least that´s what I thought.

The not so great part about Sunday was i had to speak in our branch´s sacrament meeting. In Spanish of course. You know, that one language that I have ten days experience with. But we have to prepare a talk every week in spanish and there´s siempre (always) the possibility of us getting picked on so I had it written out and everything and I just read straight off my notebook and didn´t even look up. Hma. Giles said I did really well, but she´s such a sweetheart I probably butchered it and called everyone turnips or something and she just didn´t have the heart to tell me.

Seriously, I LUCKED OUT in the comp. and roomie department. The Hermana´s I´m constantly surrounded by are such awesome ladies I´m very blessed to get to meet hem and get to know them better, and see their great examples of how to live the gospel and still have a good time.

Because seriously, hma. Giles may or may not get translated while she´s serving in Tuxlita, she´s basically an angel, and is totes the mom of our district.

Man oh man, our District.....Maybe that´s why I got it so good in the compenera because seriously the elders are DRIVING ME CRAZY.

There´s a storm a brewin´in 7A and all I can say is I hope Elder Saunooke can get his comp to settle down and not start civil war while we´re here. His comp. Elder Lambert is basically rallying the rest of the elders against our district leader. and it´s gonna get real ugly REAL fast.

Maybe not after last night though. We had a good chat, when our District Leader wasn´t there and Saunooke told Lambert, Í know you´re trying but you just gotta try harder. Anytime there´s something annoying you, go to God. Go to your scriptures. Go to your spainish textbooks. Bury yourself in the work and remember why you´re here and remember, ´blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven´.

Bless your soul, Elder Saunooke. Bless your soul. Even if you are a punk sometimes.

I have to keep reminding myself most of them are fresh out of high school and this is their first time away from home so of course they´re going to be bone heads sometimes but, as we say at the CCM, Esta Bein. It basically means, it's okay, or it´s good.

Our teachers, maestras, are really great. They´re all hermanas, who are RM´s themselves and I love them all a lot. Hma. Valusquez, or main teacher, is so funny I love her so much. And Hma. Vivio is like a drill Sargent, I love it.

the other day I made them laugh so hard because we got held back a little for lunch because we were late to class and while the elders were whining and then running off to lunch I grumbled under my breath ´Le Elders eres bebitos´and oh my gosh, our maestras DIED. They were laughing so hard, and Hma. Vivio (i´m also positive i´m spelling that wrong) made a muscle with her arm and called me Rhonda, like that woman´s ufc figher or whatever so that made me really happy.

but it´s true. The elders are babies.

In other news, our investigator committed to be babtized!! Did I not tell you guys that I´ve had to teach a progressing investigator everyday except on tuesdays and sundays, completely in spainish, just with me and hma. Giles? Because we do. It´s great.

Also, our investigator. She´s an RM. She's also now our teacher. So me and hma. Giles commited a member to baptism.


Which brings me to the subject line of this email. While we were prepping some flash cards for our lesson on the plan of salvation I drew a simple picture of a man who was suppose to be Padre Celestial, with some nice flowing robes and a beard and some long hair and when I finished, I was just staring at it like. ´This looks like a jedi. This isn´t Heavenly Father this is Obi-Wan Kanobi.´ 

So then later, hma. Giles crossed out Padre Celestial and gave him a light saber, even though Obi-wan doesn´t have long hair, it´s basically a jedi. Which may or may not be blasphemous, but we haven´t got struck by lightning yet, so I think we´re in the clear.

Also, I discovered I can actually play a decent game of basketball, if, that is, I{m playing against a bunch of latina hermanas and my 5 foot 2 companion, on a half court pad of cement like the one back home.  

I´m such an athlete.

But, life here at the CCM is good. I´m always tired and I always seem to find long dark hairs in my sheets that are most definitely NOT mine, but all is well. It´s much better than the first week, where I felt like they pushed me straight into the deep end of a twenty foot pool...with cinder blocks tied to my feet. And not only do they expect me to stay afloat, they want me to race Micheal Phelps. And win.

Esta Bein. 

But I do love the CCM. <i love the glimpses of mexico city and the mariachi music and other party music I can hear at night, and the sunsets here are AMAZING!. Thank you air pollution.

But alas, I have really overstayed my time here on the computers and i´m being disobedient so I have to go.

Con Amor,

Hermana Mills

For your enjoyment.

**Note from the poster: for those of you who may not know, Tory's spirit animal is a fox named Ash from the move Fantastic Mr. Fox. ( "Do you think I"m an athlete? Because I think I am, and sometimes I just don't think you see me that way" )

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In which guinea hens are replaced with parrots

Through the Atonement We can all be cleansed from our fish.

Dear Everyone,

So, my first nub of the week at the ccm (it{s not called the MTC in spanish, and also this keyboard is super weird I don't understand so expect some odd punctuation and misspellings) was pretty much the longest three days of my life. There is no mexico city, there is no utah. There is only the ccm (pronounced like say say m a). There was no time before this place, and there will be no time after it. Except that there will, and that scares the pants of off me. Or it would if I were allowed to wear pants.

So, basically it's like college orientation all over again except where the missionary handbook is the syllabus and all of my classmates are dressed very snappily. There's a big push on being ´dignified representatives of Jesus Christ' for obvious reasons, and I honestly have been trying but I don't think the word dignified has ever been a word associated with me and I'm finding it very difficult when mi compenera is such an awesome lady. Hermana. Whatever. 

No, we do pretty good, her name is Hermana Giles and she is such an obedient, spiritual, kind soul and we quote Olan Rogers all the time so it's pretty fantastic. If it weren't for her I would have ditched this place and taken my chances in Mexico City trying to charter a bus back to the border with my measly 800 pesos. The rest of my district is pretty great too, but I mean, they're all a bunch of eighteen year old boys, they are basically children. Except for my distric leader, he's 20. One of the elders, (I{m sure eventually i'll figure out how to get a picture of us all but i can only take pictures on pdays so you'll have to wait) Elder Saunooke, looks like Kole. Like, a lot. A grown up Kole. It's weird. 

The flight here wasn't too bad. I've discovered I actually really love flying. Maybe just the novelty of it because I've never done it before, really, just once, but it was really cool. I feel bad that I can't tell you all about it but honestly it felt like that was like, 3 melenia ago and i barely remember anything about it other than the adorable little mexican boy across the aisle from me. I think he must have been a little younger than Annabeth but oh my goodness he was so CUTE.

Everyone in my district has had at least two years of spanish in school, and i'm the only one in my district who has had NOTHING. So in class I kind of just sit there and stare at my teacher, Hermana Valesquez, and try not to draw attention to myself or so i don't have to answer any preguntas. (Questions, look at me go) everytime I tell some one, other teachers, my branch president or whoever, that i've never taken any language classes before in my life they all look really surprised and impressed and I'm just like, 'no, please no i just am really good at quoting stuff and accents. Don't call on me to do stuff.' I prefer to set the bar really low when it comes to other people's expectations, that way they're either A) surprised and impressed when I do okay or b) they were expecting my miserable failure in the first place. So, esta bein. 

Basically my comp as saved my life. We had to teach an investigator on the sixth. Completely in Spanish. By ourselves. Nobody here cares that I don't understand what they're saying, the hermana's in the relief society just smile and hug me and kiss me on the cheek and say 'oh, muy buena hermana, muy bueno.' 


As to the subject line of this email, during our lesson with Elsa (or investigator) I was reading from the spanish pmg because that{s all i can really do in lessons, and PECADOS is sin which is very similiar to PESCADOS. Which is fish.

I think the rest is pretty self explanatory. Also, I asked our female investigator how her wife was. And her son, who is actually a 5 year old girl. 

Por que me? Why did I think going foreign would be fun?

But I have had fun, I really do love it, I love my comp, I love the CCM, it's like it's own little city but I still can hear hints of mariache music coming over the razor wire topped gates (jk they don't have razor wire, just a really tall wall) and there are lots of palm trees, and the city is always awake and alive and when I first drove in, guess what was painted on the walls. Converse. High top, converse. It was beautiful. I love Mexico City I think it is beautiful, and when I said so to our investigator who lives here she was like 'wut' 

Crazy white girl for life. Also, the CCM, they have nutella available for almost every meal of the day. It's pretty fantastic. but i have been using restraint in that area, i only indulge every once and a while and have some on my toast. In the cemedor (cafeteria) and basically everywhere else, the hermana's are treated like queens. We always get to go first and they don't let us carry our own chairs to other rooms or help put them away, the elders in my district always get mad and are like 'Hey! Put that chair down!' it's annoying to be totally honest, everything would go a lot faster if they just let me carry my own chair for like, ten feet to the other class room. But whatever, there are worse things in life.

Also, I thought I had at least escaped guniea hens by you know, moving to ANOTHER COUNTRY, but no. They've just been replaced. By parrots. Which are just as annoying. But at least they're prettier. 

That's all I got. Love y'all, and what not.

Hermana Mills

Hermana Mills y Hermana Giles

Thursday, November 5, 2015

In which Hermana Mills arrives in Mexico

Sister Mills has arrived in Mexico! 


I am alive and apparently can not use contractions on this computer with its weird spanish keyboard that does not include apostrophes for some reason. Turns out I have to get a tetnus shot in like ten minutes because mine was not current enough. I am not happy about that. but I am alive and well just can{t use this stupid keyboard worth a crap and bleh. but i am alive i am in mexico, i{m suppose to send this to you and i have to go really quick, like right now.  I love you and miss you and i have to go get stabbed

peace out

Your Missionary's mailing addres is:

[Sister Mills]
[12/14/2015] [7-A] Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

The estimated departure date for your missionary is [12/14/2015]. The use of the
above address on all correspondence will greatly faciliate delivery to your missionary
at the MTC. Please don't send packages.