Monday, January 25, 2016

In which the Tory does the sports....

We got our water back on Monday night and my toe is better but I had a cold or flu or something all week. I still have a bit of it. My voice is really raspy and my spanish is even worse. But I think the worst of it is over, and it wasn`t bad enough to stay in the casa or anything or call the president. I just felt really cold all the time. Do you know if Grandma got her letter???? Or have you? I won`t be able to get anything, packages or letters, until the next zone conference or whatever in Ferburary. Sorry I don`t have time for a good blog post but we had a zone activity today, we played kick ball or foot base or whatever it was basically kick ball. it was fun but we didn`t have a lot of time for washing of clothes or studying or anything so you only get pictures really.
We have had basically the same luck this whole transfer, but at least me and hermana jimenez aren`t going anywhere. Hermana Jimenez said I`ll most likely stay here in Granjas for four ish months. Our traning doesn`t end until March, and afterwards, she`s probably going to get transfered and I`ll stay here for one more transfer with a different companion. I`ll probs still be junior companion (or at least i really really REALLY hope so) but i`ll have to show my new comp around and start all the lessons and talk with everyone cuz i`ve been here longer and i can`t remember all these streets. I don`t know. But at least that`snot till march. 

Hope you`re all well and everything and no body has died or anything. Love you lots

Hermana Olsen from California, but her first name is Victoria and she goes by Tori. So we`re both the only english speaking sisters in our zone and we`re both named tory.

failed attempt at a selfie for the zone

This is what I get for asking Elder Santos to take a picture for me and Hermana Jimenez. Also one of the ground.

Monday, January 18, 2016

In which Mexico gets cold...

Dear everyone,
This week has been very cold, very rainy, not very sucuessful and I have not been able to shower for two days.
And you too can enjoy the blessings of a mission!
Well, can`t all be sunshine and daisies and cute old farmer men all the time, now can it?
But seriously, this week hasn`t been terrible. In fact, I`ve gotten to see a lot of my mission president this week, and President and Hermana Stellmon are really great. We had interviews, a new trainers and missionary meeting, in which I got Little Ceasers pizza, and a meeting with the mission doctor. Everyone, not just me, so don`t freak out, I`m not dying, I just learned not to pet rabid dogs and try to eat an apple every once and a while and don`t drink from the sink.
But, because I`ve met with the President a lot this week, we`ve had to move our scheduale around becuase we HAVE to study, everyday, for four hours. Then you add in the fact that we have had an hour and a half meeting everyday this week, and then we have a lunch appointment at two which takes a long time to walk to usually, and we don`t get out of the casa and actually prosolyting until five or so this past week, and our luck with finiding people has been realatively the same, which is to say terrible. We haven`t been able to find one of our investigator families for almost two weeks, maybe more. But, we do have an investigator with a babtismal date! So that`s good, and last night, we had a great lesson with our invistigator Jose. I have high hopes for him. However, Juan pablo is NOT in our area, so we can`t teach him.
But, I had a great spiritual moment where I decided I would stick it out for these next sixteen months but that`s probably going to have to wait until next week. But, I also cried a lot but it`s honestly my first time have a full on cry session on the mission that was just about me so I`d consider that a win.
Now, onto one of my favorite parts of being the only white person around. People in the streets try and speak English to me sometimes, and it is really hilarious. I always say buenos tardes to everyone, because I`m supposed to be friendly or whatever as a missionary, so I passed these guys, said `Buenos Tardes`like a good little missionary and this one guy was like `hibuenostardes` really fast. But hi was more like `jii` I dunno, with his spanish accent. It was pretty great. And yesterday when we were walking to lunch this car pulled up beside us, really slow and I was like `oh great, here we go,` but this guy just leaned out the window with this huge grin on his face and was shouted `hi how are you!` with a really REALLY thick accent and I just smiled and said `good`and he and his buddy laughed and drove off.
Sorry this is a shortie but gotta run folks!!! I love you the church is true and mexico actually gets cold. Surprise surprise

Popo be smoking. But don`t worry, apparently it happens all the time.

Inline image 1My every day study look, because our house is FREEZING in the morning.

Also just a note, in Hermana Mills' mission apparently new missionaries are assigned to be with their trainer for 14 weeks, so no transfers coming up for Tory. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

In which Tory lands in the gutter.

So this week hasn´t exactly been what you would call ´sucessful´. Our numbers are terrible. Also, I don´t know if you remember Juan Pablo, my friend from the internet cafe who wants to be taught in English, but we met with him and he seems REALLY promising. He prays the same way we do, says he use to be a drunk but hasn´t touched alchol in years and knows about Jose Smith and things he´s really admriable and guess what?? Juan Pablo might not live in our area.
Of course.
But in better news, I keep hearing about all my friends from the CCM and they´re all crazy sick and infected or in the hospital and so far the only thing I´ve got is a bruised knee from when I biffed it and literally landed in the gutter. So on that note, I´m doing great. Also, we found a lavanderia, (laundrymat) that we can wash our garmets at because it´s an auto service place where we actually wash it, instead of drop off our clothes to some stranger and pick them up later, like most lavanderias around here. And the lady who was working there, we started chatting with her, but she doesn´t want to hear about our gospel but she likes talking about god so maybe one day, somemonday we can get her to warm up to us. AND THEY HAVE A DRYER!!!! No one here has dryers!!! And today, I got to pull my Mickey Mouse hoodie straight out of the dryer and I wanted to sing praises. I sort of did, under my breath, but then stopped because the laundry lady was giving me funny looks and I don´t want her to get the wrong idea about mormons.
I have interviews with the President on Wendsday and I´m sort of nervous because I hate interviews of all sorts and I´m doing okay right now but who knows about on Wednesday? The worse thing someone can do if I´m having an off day where I feel homesick or discouraged is ask how I´m doing and then that´s it, game over, I´m done. And that´s basically all interviews are. That and looking at my disorginized, messy agenda with scribbled out stuff, random quotes and song lyrics and a countdown to mother´s day which if he sees is probably going to lecture me about enjoying my mission and focusing on my mission and such. I dunno. I really like President Stellmon, but he´s pretty strict about leaving the past in the past and being a concecrated missionary. Which I wanna do but I also want the lyrics to Hopeless Wanderer and Folsom Prision Blues in the margin of my agenda. I´m sorry.
On the sixth was a holiday that I am not entirely sure what it´s about. Dia de Rejas?? I think it has to do with the three kings who brough Christ gifts. As far as I can tell they just have a special kind of bread called rosca, and it looks like this 
The little white plastic thing differs from place to place. Sometimes it means good luck, but here, if you find one in your peice of rosca, you have to buy tamales for everyone on the 12 of February. I don´t know why. But I had rosca in the ward council meeting (along with hot chocolate that was a little reminicent of dad´s but not as good), in our district meeting, AND with an investigator, and guess who had a little white doll in EVERY SINGLE PEICE. In spain, I´d have the best luck in the world, here, I´m up to my eyeballs in tamale debt.
Thankfully it´s more of a funny tradition, I don´t actually have to buy tamales for everyone. But my district decided instead of tamales on the last district meeting of the month I should buy pizza along with the other elder who found the muñeco in his peice and we can have a party. Where am I gonna find pizza at eleven in the morning on my way to district meeting??? I think I´ll just bring a box of chokis instead. They do have pizza here, but I haven´t tried it. A lot of people tell me it´s different, so we´ll see. But our District leader, Elder Santos, asked me and Hermana Jimenez when we called in to report our numbers what our favorite soda was for the meeting on the sixth (because it was a holiday) Coke or Pepsi and I was like ´neither, I like Dr. Pepper´ and guess what was there on wednesday. Dr. Pepper. Good ol´Elder Santos. I like him, he reminds me of Leo from Percy Jackson, and he has a spiderman watch. So I got Dr. Pepper, and a letter from Taylor on Wednsday. And the other day when we were chatting with an investigator (She didn´t have time for a lesson, she was busy starting dinner before she went to work) but we were talking with her and I saw on her christmas tree a little cow ornament with a santa hat and she gave it to me to remind me of my home!! I almost cried, it was so nice. Maria de Los Angeles is her name. We also teach Maria de La Luz and Maria de Rosario. Or we would teach them if WE COULD FIND THEM.
Speaking of cows, there is a little ´farm´down the street from our house. It´s basically just got some goats, a few sheep, quite a few bunnies and a bunch of really sorry looking turkeys and chickens in a really dirty little plot with some grass. and the old man who the farm belongs to is my grandpa. He doesn´t yet know that I´ve adopted him as my abuelo but I have. I say ´buenos ____´ Dias or Tardes depending on what time it is, every time I see him, and one of these days I´m going to give him a pass along card or something. Just because I want to teach him and see if he´ll let me pet his baby goats. He seems like a really nice old man. There´s another old guy here who runs an internet place (not the one i´m at right now, but another one) who always gives me a hard time about my spanish when we go in there to make copies for ward council and stuff and it just proves somethings never change. Old men still heckle me.
Also, everyone here apparently thinks I look like a doll. I don´t understand, but Hermana Rosi said I have a baby face? Or a darling face?? Or a face like a doll?? I don´t know. I´m not a 100% sure what she was saying. And another hermana on Sunday said that I have hair like a doll. I´m hoping this is a good thing.
Also, random question for you gospel scholars out there. Why is the brother of Jared the brother of Jared? Why isn´t he just called whatever his name actually is. Monrimorianclajljljsljl jwhatever. I can´t spell anything anymore.
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Mills

My Christmas cow. He needs a name.

Hot Cakes

Monday, January 4, 2016

In which Tory expresses her undying love to Maytag

Happy second month aniversario to me

Well, today marks my second month in the feild! If we´re going off days, because November 4, I feel like I just got to the CCM yesterday, but at the same time, the CCM feels LIFETIMES away. A member we had lunch with showed us a video about the dedication of the CCM and honestly, it made me a little home sick for the CCM. Or, at least the free access to cereal, my companion, good ol´ Airmana Giles and the working and easy access to a washing machine AND a dryer. The things I use to take for granted..... I love you, Maytag. See you in sixteen months. Not much to report this week, other than we had actual members present for a lesson, FINALLY. All of you who are ever asked to accompany a missionary on a visit BETTER ACCEPT. Really, it´s insanely helpful. Members make it or break it in the feild.

I went on a companion exchange and that was both really great and really frustrating. Hermana Estranda was great, and even though I only had a day with her and her area, It was one of the better days I´ve had. I like my area and my companion a lot, I really do, but they have three investigators with babtism dates, and one of the lessons I went to with her, the investigator, a teenage girl named.....i don´t remember but anyway, she totally accepted the invitation to be babtized! Then the next day I had to go back to my area with no investigators with dates, and where we only have one progressing investigator......Who doesn´t believe in latter day prophets. Aw fecha....that means date.

But I´ve had two random people just come up and start talking to me in the street. One´s named Jorge and the other is a less active member, but he said he´d see us in church on sunday

Which he didn´t because he was NOT there. But, our progressing investigator, Jose was. And it was fast and testimony meeting and a bunch of people bore testimony of living prophets, so cross your fingers! Actually, do more than, a quick prayer would be much more helpful. And honestly, probably easier.

Anyway, my area is called Granjas. Granjas del Sur. And guess what Granjas means? Farms. This area use to be all farmland. I´m living in FARMS Mexico, and guess what part of mexico Puebla is in? South Central Mexico. Kind of like South Central Utah, where good old Sevier County is waiting for me.The lord really does have a sense of humor. 

We have a pretty regular appointment now on Saturday with an older man and his mother, Ruben and Lolita. Ruben I think is in his seventies??  I don´t remember. But his mom is 98. But their recent converts and he just came up to us in church and said Í´ll see you on Saturday, won´t I?
me üh....sure, I mean, Si. Sabado,

Every Saturday at four we go and visit them and share a scripture and Ruben loads us up with cookies or some other snack. Cookies, grape juice and mandrian oranges usually. Everyone always gives us aples or oranges before we leave. We have seven mandrian oranges on our counter at the casa right now. Also, may I just say. Mexican Junk food is really way better. I haven´t tried a ton, but they have these things scalled Chokis (Choke-ies) that are like chips away, but way better. Some of it is also really REALLY weird. Chile powedered EVERYTHING. Chile powder, lime and salt, and avacados. I´m down for the lime and avacado bit. Chile poweder isn´t exactly my favorite though. Luckily, it´s pretty easy to avoid the candy with chile poweder coating it. It´s usually a deadly red color, like unto a second degree burn. 

But, since today is my second month annivesery me and Hma. Jimenez made hot cakes for lunch! Because it´s also monday, and we could. Pancakes are always called Hot cakes, which makes me really happy, it reminds me of grandpa payne.

At church I met a couple who live in Ogden, both RM´S who served in Monte Ray and met there, married later and now live in Ogden, where the husband is from. He actually knew where richfeild was, and now I know why everyone in the streets stares at me. It really is odd to see a white person here. And he had brown hair. 

We have some promising appointments tonight, with a member! Please you, Hermana Paz. She´s fed us two Sundays in a row and is a really sweet woman with a 17 year old daughter. It´s just the two of them right now, not sure why, and I don´t want to pry, but for some reason, watching them interact makes me miss mi mama. I don´t know why, they´re way more affectionate than we are.

Everyone in mexico is way affectionate. You greet people here with a kiss on the cheek. Well, it´s more like you kiss the air next to their ear while your cheeks are pressed together. I dunno, it´s weird, but everyone does it. All the hermanas anyway, obviously not the Elders, although, when we were visiting this other really old woman named Gudelia, her grandson came in and she made him stop and introduced us to him, and I held out my hand like normal, and he shook it, like normal, and then kissed me on the cheek because for him that was normal. I didn´t even think about it but I jumped about a foot in the air and backwards and felt like a sinner for the rest of the day. Hermana Jimenez wouldn´t stop laughing, apparently my face was hilarious. Although, speaking of hilarious, me and Hermana Jimenez were walking and talking about music (She has never even HEARD of Mumford and Sons, poor, depraved girl) but I said I liked old music, like Johnny Cash, and she looked puzzled, and said she´d heard of 'johnny cash' and the way she said it, with her mexican accent, oh man. I laughed so hard. It was definetly a high light of my week. Also, I got my xmas package from katie, so that was another highlight and Hannah, if you´re reading this, I got your letter too a couple of weeks ago!! I love you and I will write you back as soon as I figure out the mexican postal maybe month seventeen. I dunno, we´ll see.

That´s all I´ve got! Sorry, no pics this week this computer is differet and weird and I can´t find a usb port. 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Mills

So Tory didn't send pictures this week, but lucky for all of you, I some how missed part two of last weeks video. So here it is, as a belated gift to you all.