Monday, March 21, 2016

In which Tory receives a new compañiera

Well, my first ´real´ transfer is here and gone and the farm girl from south central utah is still in Granjas del Sur (Farms of the South). I know I´´m not a real farm girl, but everyone here thinks that I am, they always ask me if I´ve ever milked a cow and if I rode a horse to school......

But Hermana Jimenez is gone to Cholula :( I already miss her a little. She gave me a Finn the Human peluche (stuffed animal) before she left and wrote something really sweet in my transfer journal (which is basically missionary yearbooks) and this is her LAST TRANSFER. So......I´m probably never going to see her again. :( 

But, Hermana Guadarrama seems SUPER nice and she´s actually been in this area before, so she knows it a little bit already. Thank goodness. And, I´M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH MY TRAINING!!!! I´m no longer the baby of the mission, or the district! Now it´s Elder Hernandez. Ha! I´m growin´ up, makin´a name for myself. 

Just kidding, no one in the mission knows who I am. Although everyone says I talk like Hermana Jimenez and twice this week when I´ve answered the phone people thought that I was her, and the Assistent to the President said I must have been eating ´mi fréjoles´ because my accent was super good. I wanted to ask him if he knew where liars went but decided on the whole, that wouldn´t be wise. Also I wasn´t sure how to say that in spanish, and that would be pretty anti climatic if I butchered that sentance. 

But every companionship in my zone had transfers of some kind. My District Leader, Elder Santos, is gone and so is one of my zone leaders, and on Wendsday, I´m gonna see who was left. I feel a little bit like I´m in the Hunger Games to be honest, after the reaping or something. But, that´s basically all I´ve got for right now. The weather is still bipolar, Familia Velda STILL won´t accept a babtism date and I have an investigator who knows this church is true, she just doesn´t want to get babtised...........BLEH.

But all is well, the church is true and I love you all!

con mucho amor!!

Hermana Mills

Hermana Guadarrama and me!

Final selfie with Hermana Jimenez, my beloved mamá. (Traniers and there trainees are called mamás y hijas) 

Crazy hair and Finn the human from Adventure Time. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In which Tory faces the uncertainty of a transfer ending...

Note from the editor: Sorry if this is disjointed, there was no blog letter this week so this is sown together compilation of letters to Tory's mom, her sister Katie and Tio Pepe (otherwise known as Joseph)

Spring weather turns out is bipolar in Puebla too. It was really cold this past week, and rainy and windy. I should have taken a picture. My skirt was SOAKED and I was basically freezing all day. Also, our house didn´t have water for two days (again :P) so that wasn´t fun but this morning we went to our Hermanas Lideres (hermana olsen and carrasgo]) house and showered there. and we have water today! hurrah for water which for some reason we seem to lack in this apartment. Hna jimenez says she´s never had that happen before in an appartment in the mission. 

We don´t do a lot of service, in an organized matter. I wish we did more. One time we helped a really old woman named Gudelia wash some of her furniture. In the ccm once a week we had an organized ´service project´ which usually was mopping the floors or folding sheets or something but still, it was an opportunity to use pants. Although I don´t know WHAT I was thinking when I brought BLACK jeans to Mexico. I´ve only got to use them twice for zone activities but both times I was almost dying.

I don´t think daylight savings time is a thing here. At least I hope not. But right now is the season of pineapple apparently, and that is a super delicous season. I haven´t actually had too much pineapple. Maybe I´m about to have more because hermana jimenez is having an allergic reaction to something and we don´t know what so a mission doctor put her on a super strict super healthy diet so basically all we can eat is chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables and tortillas if they´re 100 percent corn. No grain, no lactose of any form, pretty much nothing. Honestly I kind of want to follow the list a little, but not strictly to the letter. I´m still gonna enjoy my dairy. I have to, or else I´ll be disowned. 

I transfers are coming at the end of this week so who knows if hna jimenez will be my companion next time we chat. I don´t think so. She´s been here in Granjas for a while. But who knows. I really do love my area and I don´t want to leave with this transfer (which is this Saturday and Monday. yikes) I don´t know if I want to leave ever. I really love my ward. It´s kind of funny I was thinking that I could live here in Granjas if I had normal music, pants, and more than only weekly contact with my family. Then a guy in the pharmacy I was printing pictures at asked ´where are you from honey?´and I changed my mind. Even so, I don't want to leave this area yet even though our apartment is cold and right now smells weird (and I can´t figure out why) and is oddly humid I don´t want to leave hermana rosi and pipis and everyone. 

 I love the marcado. If there were one in the states I could eat healthy super easy. Fruit is super cheap and there´s a ton of it. I would only shop at the marcado but I don´t really trust any of the meat down there so...also there´s no peanut butter or normal cereal. So I have to go to the super every so often. I found a cool shirt there today, only 200  pesos. 

 I have my good days and bad days obviously, which is expected but I dunno. I just sometimes still feel like I´m always thinking things are gonna be better later and maybe the problem isn´t necassarily my surroundings it´s me. Who knows. I dunno. I just don´t want to leave Granjas. Which probably means I´m going to leave. I don´t want to leave. Familia Velda still hasn´t accepted a babtism date and honestly leaving Monsi (The little girl hermana Rosi is always tending) would almost be like leaving annabeth again. Not quite. but almost. 

Tory in her super cool shirt from the Mercado! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

In which Tory continues to break heats with her blondness....

Not much happened this week for the blog. It was rainy and wet most of this week but I do have a few chismes for you as Elder Santos would say. 

Funny random things that happened this week:

Floriberto, who was babtized last Sauterday, was a little confused about the priesthood when I tried to explain it to him. I said the priesthood was the power of God that worthy men in the church have to act in his name and he could have that power. And I didn´t understand at the time but Hermana Jimenez told me later that he thought that meant he was going to get muscles and was pretty excited about that. But Hermana Jimenez basically told him ´calm down, you´re not going to be superman, you just get to pass the sacrament. Maybe.´ 

I met a Saint Bernard puppy in a less active families house and I´ve never seen one of those before in my life and IT WAS SO FLUFFY AND CUTE OH MY GOSH. It was also almost the size of the table we were sitting at and it was only two months old. 

Also, the lady who works at the laundry mat we go to a lot asked if I could adopt her and take her back to the states, (she use to live in Texas) she´s super funny. I would totally adopt her. she also told me that one of the ´muchachos´ who works there is in love with me but everytime we pass I always wave at her and she laughs at him and says ´tú novia only waves at me´. Who knew that in order to have guys actually like me all I had to was become a missionary and move to a foreign country? 

But that´s all I got for this week, sorry it´s a little slow and a little random but, it´s a metaphor for my life lately. 

Map of Granjas del Sur, Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Her is a map of Granja del Sur which is Tory's area.

"Good ol' Po Po" The Volcano

(These images are from Google because Tory didn't have any, but she did say how much she loves "good o'l Po Po" )