Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In which there are lots and lots of pictures...

My shoes are dead in the water, pretty much every pair I`ve gt gives me some sort of blister but I haven`t had time to go look for new ones, they`re also all falling apart except my brown ones. Today we went to the Pyramids here in Cholula which was really cool. Choula is sort of touristy and we went to a super awesome little store today that had a bunch of awesome tee shirts and super cool vintagey lightbulbs which I loved but I couldn`t take pictures of. I`m trying to be better about talking pictures, I promise. While we were in Cholula we ran into some Hermanas from the mission Norte (Puebla north mission) and it was SUPER weird because they were using normal clothes and from the north mission we`re not suppose to leave mission limits....I think their mission president is a little more laid back then President Stellmon.

For my birthday I only have one request, scripture cases that are seperated (if that makes any sense) like one for my book of mormon (standard size, or big idk for my spanish scriptures) and a seperate one for my bible so they`re not always together, I think it would help distribute the weight a little better in by bag. Also, more stickers because I like stickers aaaaaaaaaaaand I think that`s all. I need a new camera :( something happened with mine with the screen and whatever but it would be easier if you just sent me money or put more money in my account so I can buy one here.

I`m pretty much resigned to just having my back hurt all the time honestly. 

The Elders are super `dead` as they say in the mission. Elder Castillo wants to go home but president won`t let him. He only has three months left or something like that, but even the members can tell he`s DONE being a missionary. It`s the WORST. I hope I`m not like that when I`ve only got three months left. Also we got in trouble so he hasn`t called since. Oh, and you`re right transfers are going to be on the thirteenth it`s our BAPTISM thatps on the eleventh!
If everything goes according to plan we`re going to baptize a little girl named Abril (or april) on the eleventh. She`s nine years old and her mom is super inactive, but april has been going to the nieghborring ward la joya for a long time with her aunt but she didn`t get baptized. Her mom is super nice and is a really good person and still prays and everything and I didn`t understand why she was inactive really but she does have a job where she works every sunday and they don`t let anyone have it off. She works in a nursing home. 

It`s also raining like cats and dogs pretty much every day now. But only in the evening around six or seven, and during the day it`s still super hot. 😥 thank you mexico.

Still haven`t seen Juan for basically this whole cambio. Just one time, and nothing after that. Also I have a freaking ZIT THE SIZE OF POPO more like three. Hna chauque says it`s the food here, because she has a ton of zits too and before she got to this area she didn`t have anything. 

Also an investiagtor named Magdalena made us find our houses on google maps so she could see what our towns are like and it was SO WEIRD. I could see the black jeep from the road and a little bit of the house from google maps and i `drove`  down the lane to see the barn and everything i showed her and hermana chauque around joseph and monroe and elisinore so that they could see where i went to school and church and everything and i walked out of that teaching apointment feeling like `wow, I`m actually in Mexico....that`s a thing` sometimes I forget honestly where I am.

But that`s all I got, I think. Love you miss you like crazy but I`ll be home before you kow it!



This is a picture of me last monday, after we discontected from the computers and started walking towards San Gabriel which is pretty far from the internet place we go to it started to rain HARD CORE and we pretty much got soaked and had to hide out in the church (or capilla which means chapel, capilla is usually what the use for our churches, iglesias or churches are for the catholics) 

moto taxi which I`ve never seen before I got to this area

championes or GRASSHOPPERS which are a popular snack at this time of year 

Giant Catholic church on top of the pyramids

A subway that inside is nicer than pretty much any establishment I have seen yet so far. McDonalds and Subway and such are SUPER nice and expensive

Me and Hermana Chauque at the top of the pyramids (but we ddidn`t actually do anything cuz you have to pay to go in but I think i wanna go back and pay to go inside and see what`s up with that) but on top of the pyramids is a HUGE catholic church and there was a little fountain thing or concrete bowl that had holy water in it and i wanted to take a picture but I felt like that might have been disrespectful so i didn`t.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

In which there are many, many pigs...


The bulldog is named "Thunder" 

We`ll see with this whole `pants` deal. They`re dress pants. I hate dress pants. Better skirts and dresses for me. But with our zone conference on Wensday we`re going to talk about new clothing rules which I`m not a fan of because new rules make me nervous especially clothes one. I already had to toss a few skirts because they`re not long enough and I don`t want to have to go looking for more. 

A sister trainer is basically a district leader for hermanas. They make sure everyone is healthy, happy and getting along, and go on interchanges with the hermanas in their zone and report back to the president and the district leader on how everything went. I do NOT want to be a sister trainer leader I don`t like interchanges very much.  I also don`t want to train because I don`t want to have to go through the whole twelve weeks program again because UGH PLEASE NO. We have to watch a bunch of lame videos and it`s another hour in the casa in the morning and no thank you. 

Exchanges were both good and bad. Good because I didn`t get TOO lost and bad because I don`t like exchanges they stress me out and because we sort of got in trouble because of the STUPID elders I share a ward with. They`re both dumb and disobident :( one of them uses a backpack all the time and we`re not allowed and it makes me mad because I WANT TO USE A BACKPACK SO BAD MY SHOULDERS ARE ALWAYS KILLING ME. I have about eight billion knots in my back and shoulders because of my stupid mochilla (messanger bag) and then they started calling us all the time, at first it was just asking questions like `where does so and so live? what time is ward council? ect. ect.) then elder backpack started really talking to my comp like every night and she didn`t want to be rude but she was like `whatever elder, it`s late we`ve got to go adios` but NOW we`re all in a little bit of trouble because, like I said, elder backpack is always disobident so president has always got his eye on him and he can see our phone records and all of that and the sister trainer leaders sort of chewed us out (not really me cuz i didn`t do anything, but a little bit, more like `have the courage to tell your mission leaders if your comp is disobident or ask your comp to straighten up and stuff like that which i needed) but it also struck fear into my soul because yeah...

But anyway, because of these dumb elders (one of whom borrowed fifty pesos from me which honestly isn`t that much but he STILL hasn`t paid me back and he`s super weird anyway and told me he wanted to steal my eyes. he`s from my generation of missionaries and nooooo. I do not fall well with him as they say in spanish) we got in trouble and I hate getting in trouble on the mish, it stresses me out. I haven`t ever actually gotten in trouble but just the thought of it stresses me out. Also, we were walking the other day down this road we always walk down, in the middle of the day, and this STUPID guy passed by on his bike and easy as you please, like it was nothing freaking grabbed my butt, and just kept cycling on. he didn`t even slow down or look back or anything. hermana chauque was SOOOOOOOOOOO PISSSED. I was too but it was gratifying that she was mad too because hna guadarrama said i was overreacting when i was freaked out after a guy whou could have been my dad asked me out on a date and I didn`t want to pass by his stupid carnitas shack.But hermana chauque was mad. Mad at the point of tears. Then when we could calm down a little I was just like `whatever, he`ll have to pay for it in the final judgement. We`re representatives of Jesus, it`s like he assulted Jesus, it`s like it says in the bible, if they hate you remeber they hated me first or something like that.' 
hna Chauque: `yeah and he also said to turn the other cheek, but i dunno if you should do that.`

I DIED I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD, I awas almost crying. Partially because I felt violated, and partially because i was still super mad, and partially because i love my companion.  

Anywho....Everyone here in this area has chickens and also a strange abundence of turkeys. Everyone has turkeys.but they are definetly not living in the lap of luxery like Linda`s chickens or even.  Mamatonia, who is our landlady, is super sweet and has a bunch of chickens and cows and pigs and everything, and today she let us use her `lavadora` washing machne thng but man oh MAN is it a different game plan than in the us.  You have to fill it up with water from the outside, and basically all it does is agitate the water soap and clothes I`m not exactly sure how `clean` my clothes are and then you have to manually drain it, manually rinse the soap off from the clothes, and the `dryer` just spins all the water off and you still have to hang them up outside to dry them and all of this still took us about two and a half hours and I wash all my garmets by hand still and today all we basically did was do laundry and clean the house because what with zone activities and cambios and everything we hadn`t really had time so we desperately needed to do all of those things. Also my hands ridiculously dry due to this abundance of washing and my back hurts more than ususal because all of these concrete sinks were built for little mexicans not for normal sized people. But mamatonia was super nice to let us use her lavadora, and it was better than EVERYTHING by hand. I think.....

Juan has been in Puebla all of this week because one of his family members died so we haven`t seen him for two weeks :( and Diana isn`t really doing her part to be baptized. She`s really nice and sweet and everything but I don`t think she`s taking it really seriously, being baptized. Also, her dad who is working in the states and sending money to her family said if she changes her religion he`s going to stop sending money. FREAKING HOMBRES. (hombres is men) `m feeling VERY anti male this week. What with the dumb Elders we share an area with. And it rains basically everynight now but during the day it`s super hot so I don`t want to wear my boots and sometimes it does rain and sometiems it doesn`t and I`m not a fan of this new weird bipolar weather. But whatever. It has been cooling off a little bit at least.

Adios amigos! Hope that was long enough for you....

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In which Hermana Mills is pretty darn happy

There is still a pig that always jumps up and props it`s feet up on the wall every time we pass and oinks rather cheerfully us every time we pass and i love it. I think I`m going to name it next time we pass by there. it is slightly less gigantic than the other ones i`ve seen but it`s still a good size.

At first all I wanted was time to speed by but now i need it to slow down! I`ve already got three weeks into this transfer! no way! no manches as they say here in mexico (but I think that`s slang and I shouldn´t say it but i think it`s super funny)

we don`t have a lot of progressing investigators. We have Diana, who is twenty two, a school teacher abd basically the goldenest of all golden investigators. Her boyfriend is serving a mission, she knows the church is true, loves to go to church, has a ton of friends in the ward and she wants to be baptized buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut her mom won`t let her. Her mom is catholic (surprise freaking surprise) and even though she isn`t even a practicing catholic, she doens`t want her daughter to be baptized. Diana could just go ahead and get baptized she`s twenty two but she doesn`t want her mom to be upset and neither do we. Our misssion is to unite families not drive them apart. But she`s super sweet and her mom is really nice too so i`m hoping, with a little time and a lot of fasting and praying, she`s gonna come through, the only trouble isn`t we haven`t been able to contact her basically all week. So we`ll see.

Viki and Juan are a couple (who aren`t married) who were progressing and are really great, but Juan has a TON of questions and he always gets hung up on Jospeh Smith. (Why an american, why not a mexican? Why did he have the privilage to see god and jesus christ? Ect. ect.) Everyone always wants to know why it was an american. His son was killed at seventeen years old by one of his friends (i think, i`m not 100 sure who was the one who actualy killed him) and he said he still has almost a grudge with god for that but his `wife` viki is really teachable and likes the message. He does too and he`s really nice and funny and likes to listen but sometimes he doesn`t let us talk.

Miguel Angle is also twentyish something and was just recently released from prision (not sure why he was there in the first place but whatever) but he read the book of mormon completly while he was in the pen and I think he could easily accept a baptism date but his family is RIDICULOUSLY catholic too. We had another investigator Jose who wants to be baptized the way christ was baptized (so they way WE baptize people) but when we told him he`d have to give up his saints and imagnes and such (catholics pray in front of tiny little alters and such and worship saints, a lot of people have thier patrons saints) he chickend out on us and now he says that he has a calling in the catholic church. I didn`t know they gave out callings but, whatever. So we`ve stopped visiting him for now, but maybe later he`ll be ready. 

We visit a less active/recent convert a lot named Juanna who is a young (youngish, i`d guess early thirties) single mother who was baptized a little less than a year ago, and she`s super nice and knows that she has to go back to church but she has some `rancor` against another hermana, who she confided in and this other hermana basically stabbed her in the back so she`s a little hesitent to come back (juanna, i think, i dunno, i wasn`t here for any of this, this is what hermana chauque tells me) and hermana chauque thinks she knows which hermana it is and if she`s right, i would be a little leery too, this hermana is kind of......rude. but her kids are super cute and she`s pretty firm in the church so that`s good.....i think.. 

Also random fact there is a family in my ward that consits of FOURTEEN children. They`re all grown up and stuff now and have kids of thier own but they`re so great. Familia Martinez. I don`t really know them all that well but there`s an hermana Wendy, who is super great and has two adorable children, is super gorgeous and super spiritual and she`s only twenty two. I almost DIED when she told us `cuantos años tiene` She`s only two years older than me! She also is going to teach us how to make choco flan one of theses mondays. 

We had a zone activity today so that was fun. We didn`t play foot base we played a bunch of little minute to win it games it was actually really fun. I sort of miss some of my friends from Zona Mayorazgo (like hna olsen, carrasgo and Elder Elizondo and Elder Cook and Stevenson)  but I`m way happier here in this area with hermana Chauque.

The weather here has been coooling off which is both good and bad. Good because i don`t feel like i`m going to die around one in the afternoon and bad because that means I have no hot water because my bathroom is basically solar powered.......awesome. 

Hermana Chauque is my favorite companion that i`ve had so far, but man does she know how to give someone a hard time. But i love her. I feel like we`rea ctually friends, not just companions But I feel like if I could be companions with hermana Jimenez again, now that i actually speak spanish and don`t want to cry all the time it would have been a lot better. It was stil really good with her and I liked her a lot, but it I feel like an Adele song now. `We could have had it all!!` (Mexicans love adele. who know) But she finished her mission with this past transfer and she`s at home now. She still writes me though. 

we had kind of a crappy week number wise but the thing is with hermana chauque it doesn`t really bother me. I know that I need to try harder to be more diligent and work harder and the numbers are still important but i`m happy. Pretty darn happy actually. We had a great experince with a less active family (the ones who gave me the mango that was the canvas for this beautiful work of art) and hermana chauque and i are working out our companion study so we can have more time for actually planning the lessons instead of just sharing what we studied and stuff like that and I know the lessons we`ve got planned are gonna be WAYYYY better than what they were before so i`m pretty pumped for that. 

Today we had a zone activity that was super fun because we did something different than play futbase (but i didn`t take very many pictures cuz i`m dumb and i was too busy playing the games we played to take pictures but I have a few)  I got to see hermana olsen when e. valenzuela was here, she is in fact in vallesiquillo and so is HERMANA CARRASCO!!!  Who was suppose to finish her mission with hermana jimenez but she got an extention for one more transfer! She was my sister trainer leader for two tansferws and i freaking love her. She`s from Cancun and it was always my dream to be comps with her. But alas. It shall never be.. 

I`ve got a zone training meeting tomorrow and we`re going to go on intercambios with hermana Estrada who was my very first sister trainer leader and she is super great or it could be with her comp. hermana dena who is from my generation and is also super great but I`M going to stay in Ometoxtla and hermana chauque is going to leave and WHAT!!!!!!! I just got here! I don`t know where i`m going! hermana chauque says that it`s because i need to get ready to train in this area, and have my first `hija` and lead her around and stuff.  

But I gotta go. I had kind of a slow week but, we`ve got a lot of set appointments this coming week so HOPEFULLY i`ll have something else to write about next week.

Adios todos!! 

random Catholic church in my Area

Zone activity. My tee shirt is basically the coolest,. hermana carrasgo designed them with the logo of wonder woman and the figure is a sister missionary and it says wonder missionary and then below, heart might, mind and strength and on the back it says Hermana Mills, Zona Mayorazgo. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

In which Tory laments the lack of pictures...

Dearest fan base which apparently I have and was very much unaware of,

Firstly, forget everything I said about my area before this place is AWESOME. The pigs are freaking giagantic, it still takes me about two hours to reach a proper grocery store and get all my stuff but who even cares, there`s little tiendas and stuff that I can buy things at and I`m gonna have great arms by the end of this transfer because having access to a washing machine is a distant dream of Granjas del Sur. But I`m way happier here. Not to say that I wasn`t happy in Mayorazgo in Granjas but change is good, for the most part. Although it still gives me anxiety sometimes...especialy since my companion, Hermana Chauque (who is super cool and from Argentina) keeps insisting I`m going to be training someone with the next cambio because we`re gonna get a TON of new sisters in the mission. NOOOOOOO gracias. I still don`t know what I`m doing.

Things are really different in this area but it`s honestly really beautiful. I love it. There`s traintracks that cut through our area, and there are tractors everywhere and it`s pretty much the BEST. I wish I could take my camera with me all the time but it`s a mission rule that we can only have them with us on Monday :( I feel like I have no pictures of my mission!!!!! This rule came in with me and my generation so all the `old folk` in the mission have a ton of awesome pictures and I feel like I`ve just got a bunch of rushed, lamewad selfies in my apartments. But whatever, obedience brings blessings and what not. :P 

I`m a happy obidient missionary, I promise.

Hopefully I`ll be getting some decent pictures in soon of Ometoxtla but we were kind of rushed this monday because we had a ton of stuff to do in the house, and also like, no food. What with transfers last week we had basically no time for anything but now, we`re all good and on Wendsday we get to have a conference with a member of the seventy, Elder Valenzuela so that`s cool. 

That`s all I got! 

Hasta luego!!!

Hermana Mills

In which Tory describes a pig



I apologize for the quality of these videos, but they are the best I have. Anyway, I thought you might want to hear Tory's dulcet tones. In case the adio is too bad to understand, she is describing a gient pig she saw.

Monday, May 2, 2016

In which Tory has new found sympathy for Bathsheba

The following e-mail is composed of personal e-mails and answers to questions, so sorry if it's kind of jumpy. Also the top pic I just pulled of Google. -Katie 

I am about to know Elder Dazey really well. He`s my new zone leader because, yep, I`m in Cholula. And you really need to tell the missionaries in Joseph to suck it up because here, we don`t even have a boiler. We have a sun warmer or something like that so if the weather is cold, the water is cold. I`m in a little town now that doesn`t have much by way of anything, honestly, and there`s lots of pigs.....also COWS. But I haven`t seen any yet, I can just smell them. My new comp Hermana Chauque is from Argentina.

ALSO I`M FREAKED OUT BECAUSE THIS APARTMENT IS WEIRD AND MY BATHROOM IS ON THE ROOF. Obviously i`m not going to have a david and bethsheba moment, my bathroom is a pretty large room that is very much private and clean buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt THIS AREA IS WEIRD. I`m sort of scared. But I have a hammock, so that`s cool.  

Yes, Hermana Abish Martiez like from the book of mormon. Both she and Hermana Guadarrama were born in the church. I got to see Hermana Jimenez today!!!!! :D because she was in Cholula and since we had cambios today I got to see her. But she is from the same generation as hermana Guadarrama so she`s done. She`s headed back to her casa in Campeche. 

Oh and random comment. I have a picture of you [her mom] and dad and stuff to show people that i`m a person and not a robot and everyone is super surprised when they see your picture they say you look mexican. I think they`re just surprised not all americans have blonde hair and blue eyes.

I`m scared for this area because Elder Stevenson, my other Zone Leader was `born here` it was his first area, and he said he didn`t like it, he said it forever ago. And there really isn`t a lot here. And we drove through a different part to help these other hermanas find their new house and they`re area is ADORABLE in this cityish area but not really busy like Granjas was and ughhhhhhh.................. 

😭 why can`t that be my area?????? but cholula has a lot to see and visit unlike Mayorazgo. BUT I DON`T EVEN HAVE A MARCADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can`t pronounce my ward....Ometoxtla.

What am I gonna do????? The good thing is we can leave every monday our area, and there is civilization that isn`t too far so we`re not COMPLETLY cut off from everything. And there`s a decent internet server and my comnpanion seems pretty cool. But  I`m gonna miss hermana Martinez and HERMANA ROSI AND RUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,( but at least we have investigators here, which is something we were lacking in Granjas. Poor Hermana Martinez. Our area is HUGE in Granjas and she  was only there for three weeks and now she`s got a new comp who doesn`t know ANYTHING I hope she can find everything alright.... 

District Meeting Photos: 

District Selfie. But we`re lacking Elder Stevenson, and Elder Cook. But from back to front it`s Elder Muños from Peru, Elder Hernandez from Cancun.  Elder Frankson from Canada, hna guadarrama yours truely and hna martinez and Elder Elizondo, my District Leader.

Apartment photos: