Tuesday, June 28, 2016

In which much is said of laundry....

Everyone loves Frozen, EVERYONE. I`m still Elsa. Ivan, the older brother of Feliepe now greats me as `Hola Hermana Barbie.` but now he says I look more like Elsa. He`s twelve and kind of a brat but he`s had a hard HARD life. I can`t even imagine, poor kid. 

hna maradiaga slipped in the mud the other day and skinned her knee pretty bad and almost twisted her ankle. She`s from a city part of Hondurez and is not accustomed to muck. I however can navigate the mud hole that is Ometoxtla like a pro, so all is well. Actually, the town is called Correnango but the ward here is Ometoxtla. It`s a pretty big area, maybe bigger than my last one so ì`m still going to have sick calves at the end of this transfer. I hope that i won`t be a gordita (chubster) though because i feel like they feed us more here.  But today it`s sunny so I`m hoping all the clothes I washed (by hand because we didn`t have time to borrow mamatonia`s washer,  will be all nice and dry. Today we didn`t do much, hna maradiaga got super sick and woke up sick to her stomach with a migrane and basically slept all day after our studies, but it was good because i needed to wash all the clothes i`d been neglecting for the past few weeks (gross but true, i`m know i`m disgusting) and organized and clean the house because it was in dire need of both, it was stressing me out how messy the house was, but now everything is clean and i`ve got clean clothes again! supposing all my skirts and shirts aren`t covered with fly specks which they probably are because we have to hang them up outside to dry....😥 there`s not really a way to hang them up inside..i guess i could buy hangers, because there isn`t that many in this house. If my things are still damp sometimes i use my hair dryer to dry them ....speaking of buying we had a little time to go to plaza san dieago today and i looked at shoes but i`m going to wait until next week because i want to ask hermana stelllmon when we have interviews on friday if i can use some that are sort of boot style because that would be stupendous. But I found a cute new bag that is perfect so i`m pretty pumped about that. i haven`t seen any hermanas con pantalones and most of them say they don`t want them but i`ve heard of one or two who said they`re going to buy some, and the poor girl did have a lot of bad looking bug bites on her legs so maybe she should. I`ve been doing okay, only one or two on my ankles when we walk through grass.

Time is a funny thing. I`m halfway through this transfer which seems insane, and in july i`m going to have eight months in the mission! i`m almost halfway done! but sometimes it really does seem to pass really slowly, especially this week when our numbers were bad, our investigators are hiding from us and it`s been raining like crazy. but i went on intercambios with hna estrada who was my very first hermana leader and so that was cool. she`s super great and i like her a lot, and their area in Cholula, the city is ADORABLE and touristy and super cute and there were parts of it that reminded me of portland and ughhhh.... it was sort of hard to come back to Ometoxtla after that to be honest.

but all is well, it`s a new week, we`ve got a zone training meeting tomorrow and i`ve got clean clothes and a cute new bag so all is well. 

sorry that i have no pictures again...... i`ll look through my photos and send something old if i find a good one.

lots of love

this is an old one before hna chauque left. we`re here with hno. Lehi his wife Aryedle they`re ADORABLE children lia and nefi. (or lea and nephi) they`re basically my favorite

random artsy photo hna chauque took on the buss with the distant logo of a popular local beer, Indio

Monday, June 20, 2016

In which the word moist comes to mind...

Hello all,

So, I`+m still alive, Hermana Maradiaga is definetly a pistola (still not sure what that means exactly but it seems accurate) and we have like FIVE baptism dates. Honestly, most of them are probably going to fall, but Hna. Maradiaga says at least one or two won`t and if they fall so what, we`re completing our purpose as missionaries. She`s pretty great. 

It has been raining everyday for about this whole week, and will continue to do so until about OCTOBER supposedly which SUCKS. How am I suppose to have dry clothes with this weather and dryers are a thing of the past???? Things are going good, we found a new investigator named Rosi who went to Stake Conference this sunday (which i was fourty five minutes late for because we did splits with some members to pick up other investigators, Filiepe and Fernanda two kids, filipe has nine years and Fernada eight, and filepe is going to be baptized on the 30 of June) I am subconciously translating part of this email into spanish in my head which is more confusing than anything else because mi español es algo BIEN lejos de perfecto! And also president stellmon gave a great talk about fathers on sunday which i  thought was cool and all then i remembered when we got home IT WAS FATHER`S DAY AND I MISSED THE BOAT HARD CORE. I am sorry dad I love you dearly even if you never write me ;) Also it`s sort of a thunderstorm right now so if you don`t hear from me this week i`m alive the power just went out.

just a hunch hope that doesn`t actually happen. 

But apart from that all is well with me. I love this ward, I love this area, even if there is NOTHING here in Ometoxtla, it`s still pretty great.

I have no pictures........ I am sorry. 

Con Amor,

Hermana Mills

Monday, June 13, 2016

In which Tory has no time for anything ever

Dear all,

So today was cambios and Hermana Chauque se fue! It was hard to see her go! One of the hardest goodbyes I`ve had in a while. With her I had a sort of confidince I don`t think I`m going to find in a while. But my new companion Hermana Mardiaga is from Hondurez and she seems really great too. She`s a `pistola` as they say here on the mission and she`s ready to go.

also abril was baptized and that happend and it went pretty much perfectly! Also, abril`s cat always sits in this baby doll stroler and is basically the funniest thing ever and everyone here calls me Elsa and hermana chauque`s first name is Ana so we`re Elsa and Ana(but I have been expressly told by the ward secrataries daughter that i am NOT elsa because i do NOT have white hair OR magic.)

Since coming to this area my stomach is in a constant state of panic. I do not eat a lot of beans actually, surprisingly. but every one here says that it`s because the food is heavily condimated????????? what is english these days I don`t even know. it has a lot of spices and sauces with a lot of different stuff but who knows. I do NOT trust anything these people say about health honestly. If it starts to rain and we get cold we have to go take a hot shower or we`re going to get a cold. And if you eat a cucumber with a street taco you`ll be good because the cucumber helps with digestion and you won`t get sick.....GERMS EXSIST PEOPLE.

I only have an hour on the computers today because there were NO internet places open! Hermana Mardiaga and I were running from one to another to another and calling members they were drawing us maps on napkins and EVERYONE IS CLOSED! QUE ONDA!!!! But all is well that ends well. A ton of my zone had cambios, both of our Zone Leaders, and our district leader have been changed but that`s all I have time for! Adios!

Picture drawn by Abril

Abril's baptism 

The doll stroller cat 

Elsa and Ana

Farewell to Hna Chauque 

Hello Hna Mardiaga 

Mexican Grumpycat 

Monday, June 6, 2016

In which Tory joins the "Mexican Weight Watchers Plan"

I don`t have anything picture wise this week. Pretty slow week, everything is good with our investigators but I`ve been sort of under the weather. Unfortunetly, the `Mexican Weight Watchers Plan` hit my this week and I`ve basically had a stomachache for about two weeks. It started last week but got worse this week. I`m always super bloated after lunch when we eat with members. I don`t remember the last time my stomach felt  `normal`. Also, my watch broke 😢I dropped it on the stupid roof with a cement floor when I went up to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth before bed. The glass front shattered. I hit seven months and all my stuff falls apart! My bag is filthy and the strap is fraying not to mention the lining has a ton of holes in it, my shoes are all falling apart, well, actually only my black ones. For my birthday just send me letters and money so I can replace all the stuff that`s falling to peices. 

Transfers are coming up again along with the looming prospect of Nealtican (The fat zone as everyone calls it) But honestly I think I`ve lost some weight. At least what I gained in the CCM. Hermana Giles sent me a letter (I love her!!!!!!!!!) and she printed off a bunch of pictures she had of us or jjust me and sent them and hna chauque saw them and gasped so loud I almost jumped out of my skin and she said `you were a gordita!!!!'  gorda is fat and ita gordita is more like...chubby i think. It`s like a little fat. I was like `thank you hermana..`
hermana chauque: `were a gordita, now you`re missionary barbie rmember?`
(some punk kid who is a less active memeber with his mom asked `where`d you find the barbie, hermana? then he made fun of my spanish. little brat. :P)

Sorry there's not much this week. Not much has changed.