Saturday, July 30, 2016

In which Tory tells us very little...

 I didn´t have transfers, so I´m going to be in Ometoxtla for my birthday with Hermana Maradiaga and I¨m okay with that honestly. We also have ALL of Ometoxtla because there aren´t a lot of missionaries in our mission now. About seventeen left and only five came in :( So a lot of areas closed down or combined. Basically whichever ward had two sets of missionaries now only has one set and a few rama (branches) out in Izucar closed down. So we´re streatched pretty thin here in Puebla South.

Also, Hermana Maradiaga twisted her ankle pretty bad last wendsday so we were stuck in our house for three days and I pretty much went CRAZY.  I thought they were going to close OUR area and combine it with the elders but President came to our sacrament meeting on Sunday to check up on Hermana Maradiaga´s foot and tell us that WE were going to be left with EVERYTHING. All of Ometoxtla!!! It´s huge!!!!! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

In which Tory tries her hand at becoming a lumber jack...

Dearest Everyone,

Super quick because I´ve left all of you hanging for basically this whole transfer but that´s because honestly there hasn´t been much going on. Well......yes and no. A lot of personal stuff, testimony builders and testimony shakers and trials of faith and trails of how much a person can actually walk before finding somebody who won´t just say ´somos catolicos´and slam the door in our face. Have I already related the story of the very small very old catholic women who called us anti christs? Because that was interesting.

This transfer is pretty much come and gone and it has been a rough one number wise but I¨m honestly super blessed to have Hna Maradiaga as a companion. It´s been a hard transfer but if I was with somebody else I´d be dead. I´d pick trials of not having investigators or being sick a lot over a bad companion anyday. This has been my trial area, and I dunno why but I think this transfer that´s coming is going to be a turning point in my mission. Maybe cuz it´s half way done and I don´t know how that happened. I´m practically nine months into the mission. Closer to nine than I am to eight it´s crazy.

But yesterday we had a pretty cool experince were we took a leaf out of Ammon´s book and offered to be sombody´s servent before we were their missionaries. We´ve been trying to contact this Alejandra for weeks, well actually her mom but yseterday she said she couldn´t talk to us because she was cutting ´lena´ I had no idea what lena was but I just said,  ´le ayudamos?´ ' can we help you?´ and she looked pretty doubtful and was like ´do you know how?´
´nope but you can teach me.´ 

turns out lena is firewood. So an hour and four blisters later I chopped up three little logs of firewood so taht she could make her tortillas for tomorrow. I have never cut firewood before and I didn´t think it would be that difficult but cutting firewood is actually something that requires somewhat of physical strength which isn´t one of my strongest suits, but whatever. I didn´t do too bad actually. But hand washing my clothes today with a my giant open wound in my hand wasn´t one of my favorite experinces of the week. But she accepted an invitation to be baptized and we´re going to go back on Friday with Hermana Wendy so it´s totally worth it!!

That´s all I got time for folks, so lots of love from mexico were it is raining once again and I don´t think I´m going to have dry clothes until september but all is well.

Hermana Mills

My name on the wall in the casa de mamatonia

the famous wall 

view from my new appartment

a member bought us pizza instead of stuffing us full of pozole and so i was very grateful for that and thought it was worth documenting

Nicole was taking pictures with my camera

This is Nicole, the daughter of Hermana wendy (Spelled Weendy in spanish) who let us use her washer today, she´s so cute nicole but she´s sort of a little monster. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

In which Tory refrains from from throwing hymnals through great personal struggle...

Dear Reader: There was no blog e-mail this week, so I am posting Tory's letter to her mother...which she may or may not be angry at me for later. Enjoy!

I`m still a big ball of stress because there are only TWO WEEKS LEFT of this transfer and I don`t want hna maradiaga o leave! I don`t want another companion! I also don`t want to go to Nealtican because I`m already having enough stomach issues as it is and the last thing I need is a bunch of mole at every opportunity. Mole has about FIFTY ingrediants including saltine crackers. I`m not sure where that comes up but that stuff is strong. I'm having a hard enough time with the food her in Chulula. Just kidding. I^m happy where I am. I`m just tired and sick and never want to even HEAR the word pozole again in my LIFE. pozole is a traditional dish soup thing i think i already explained what it is but EVERYONE wants to give it to us because it`s super `delicious` and everyone makes it for special occasions like birthdays and christmas and when it`s their turn to feed the missionaries and i ALWAYS get sick after words  i`m so sick of pozole!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have not seen my marty robins señor this week and he didn`t show up on Sunday like he said he would. NONE of our investigators went to sacrament meeting this week and those FREAKING fritos had a whole family! it`s not fair! i`m not perfectly obident. I`ll admit it. I`m not by a long shot. I`m late to my personal study time a lot, sometimes i chat with you guys on here but i KNOW that they don`t even care anymore and they have so many people to teach and they are so INFURIATING. UGH. They`re so smug!!!!!!!!! i watned to throw a hymn book in their face!!!! `hermanitas` HERMANITAS!!!!! or  `what`s up buddy?`
I AM NOT YOUR BUDDY CASTILLO. UGHHHHHHH. Somebody has to have transfers with this one that`s coming up or somebody is gonna end up DEAD. And I`m not going to prision in mexico. I don`t think that would end well for me. 
 ok, but in all seriousness. i`m okay and i have charity for all men :)

 i hate men.

But my interview with Pte. Stellmon went super great. it was normal, we chatted, he`s a swell guy i wish i could introduce you and dad to pte. and hermana stellmon. I think you guys would all be friends. He said i`ve improved DRASTICALLY and if I could see my own improvement in somebody else i would be impressed but because it`s me i can`t see it very well because i said i felt like I hadn`t done anything and I was almost halfway done with my mission. he said `if i gave you 700 pesos right now and sent you out in the street, you could find a place to live, probably a job and figure out what to do very easily, you could make it in Mexico on your own if you had to.` and honestly, he`s right. I could make it in Mexico on my own. I don`t WANT to but I could. That was a sort of a cool moment. I want to introduce you and dad to him and show you around my areas after my mission. Think you could talk dad into getting his passport and heading to Ometoxtla? 

Also because i`m short on time I met an ADORABLE baby named Bruno who has about 18 months and scowls at everything but he also gave me a hug before we left and i almost DIED he`s so cute!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

In which Tory is almost devoured by a horse sized pig

today at the zone activity with hna estrada hna dena (our hermanas lideres) and you y hna maradiaga. 

 I have never been so lost about what to do with our investigators before. Everyone here is in such a HARD situation. We`re teaching a little boy, Felipe and getting him ready for baptism but we can hardly ever teach him cuz his mom is never there she`s a less active member and his older brother who is twelve works with a mechanic and when we went to see him the other day, ivan opened the door and said we couldn`t come in because his mom was drunk and his FACE. I wanted to cry or hug him or both but I couldn`t. I can`t do anything for these kids and it`s killing me. The ward says there`s nothing more they can do. They`ve already helped Ernestina his mom as much as they could and there`s no point in baptizing Feliepe if afterwards he`s just going to be a less active and honestly i kind of feel that. if we baptize him and then just leave and his mom doesn`t take him to church he`d be breaking a ton of commandments about the sabbath day and i dunno. also ivan had a huge burn on his face the last time we went a burn or a bruise i`m not sure which, pretty sure a burn because now it`s peeling and i don`t know what to do with these kids. if i could take them back with me to the states i would in a heart beat. They`re punks, ivan always makes fun of my spanish and fernada the little girl is always lying but I love them and I don`t know what to do. If the ward doesn`t want to help them and hna m is super mad and she offened half the ward council by chewing them all out and saying we have to help this family and I honestly have no idea what to do. Interviews have been moved to this friday so i`m going to talk to president stellmon about them. We also have an investigator named Nuri whose two month year old baby just died, her husband abandoned her and her mom is currently in the hospital. I have no idea what to do with any of this. There are so many people telling me about all their problems and i`m just like `i`m not even twenty yet what do you want from me?'  I feel like an idiot for being worried about how much i miss music or a face full of zits when there are so many people suffering from so many different things and i`m just helpless. I can`t give them money. If i could, i would. But I can`t. I can`t adopt them all. I can bear my testimony and pray for them like crazy and that`s all well and good but it`s not enough. But I read a talk by Dale G. Redulnd that i think dad sent me a little part of and.....I dunno. it`s helped me see thingss the way the savior did i think. Or something like that. when we`re exposed to this sort of suffering we change. we`re more compassionate. I was studying about charity and love in preach my gospel, the chapter about christ like attributes and I found a scripture that i just love in Jude 1:22 (all the more reason to name my first born son Jude) `And of some have compassion, making a difference.` I still don`t know what to do but I know that all of us have problems and we`re not weak people or shallow if we suffer with them. And just because my problems are different, less serious doesn`t mean the savior loves me any less or feels my pains any less. I honestly give out great advice as a missionary but sometimes I don`t take it for myself but I`m going to try and be better about that. Really pray to my father in heaven and tell him everything.

all seriousness aside this week has been kind of sucky but it as also had it`s great moments. We got lost in a corn field, almost eaten by a pack of wild dogs (okay there were probably only about six and they didn`t chase us but they were nipping at our heels and stuff. stupid dogs. i love dogs. just not on the mission and not in the random back dirt roads of ometoxtla) and a pig the size of a small horse tried to escape it`s pen and I^m quite sure it was intent on devouring us whole. I`ve passed by this stupid pig a thousand times and it`s never done anything like that before. Yesterday we passed by an old man with a guitaar and a cowboy hat in the street the other day and he was like `hermanas! venga!` and so we went over and he seranaded us with his old blue guitar singing about the `hermosa palabra del señor` and his voice was sort of similiar to marty robins and it was one of the coolest experinces so far in my life. Also, today in the zone activity we were like an hour and a half LATE because we got SUPER lost in cholula, the tiny touristy city and had to take like seven combvis (basically vans) and two buses to get to the church were the rest of the zone was and we should up pretty much at the end and the elders were playing basket ball and the sisters were chatting in the shade and then we played some more dumb games inside one of which included seeing who could eat the most `ghost chilies`(Stupid elders, only they would come up with them) I could only get two down but I at least beat E. Burnett and Hermana Estrada and hna Dena but my THROAT. it hurt for a least ten minutes and I downed a mango arizona in less than two minutes i`m pretty sure. Also a little old catholic lady thought that we were missionaries from her church and in pocas palabras she called us the anti christ and said if shepd known at the beggining that we were the `seperated brothers` that she wouldn`t have let us past her front gate....So that was a good time. 

Anyway sorry it's so scatterd.