Monday, August 29, 2016

In which we receive an update from Tory (not the anti-Christ)

Actually, we`ve had really really productive weeks lately. Our numbers are good. We`ve had twenty one new investigators in the past two weeks and we`ve got three with baptismal dates. Izamar honestly is the only one that i think is actually going to follow through though. She`s so cute and ready and brave and I love her. The only problem is her baptism date is for the sixth o sept and cambios are on the fifth..... literally the day we`ll see i even get to stick around for her baptism. I don`t know.....honestly I want transfers. I want out o Ome. it`s great. the ward is great, I still haven`t gone inside the pyramids yet (my comps never want to :P) But i`m getting antsy. I want out! 

This hermana only gave us bug tacos cuz she doesn`t like me. it`s not something they usually dine on. They`re more like...peanuts you could say, and lhonestly with a tortilla and lettuce it doesn`t really taste like anything but they were super spicy and for the first time it actually affected me (the f key on this keyboard is sticky so if i ault a few f`s that`s why) and so my actual birthday consisted o me eeling sort o sick and hating my life. but you know. that`s how they do birthdays on the mission i guess. or at least mine. I just never really have much birthday luck. I show up late to my own party or eat o the two...

but on sauterday izamar was able to come with us to a baptism in another ward to see what it`s like but her son who is a year and a half basically, named moroni and basically THE CUTEST started crying when they showed a video about the atonement. on it wasn`t cuz he felt the spirit so we basically hung out in the hall and izamar attempted to hear and see what was going on. if we could hold kids or be alone with them it wouldn`t be a problem,  but i can`t. but she saw the important part but when we were heading back waiting for the infamous cu or finsa bus that is SO SLOW AND NEVER COMES BY it started POURING rain and basically a huge thunderstorm came out of nowhere, and we had no umbrellas whatsover it was just me and hna m and Elder Ku and Elder Corral huddled around Izamar and Moroni trying to keep them dry while poor little moroni just wailed...I dunno if he`s gonna be my friend now after all that i put him through.

but on sunday they both came to church and he was much better behaved and so i think we`re still on good terms.

but other than that....yeah. i dunno what else i`ve got....we have to move AGAIN. four muchachos (young college age boys) moved into the apartment below us and it`s just us and them so now we`re apartment hunting again and there is literally NOTHING here....... they`re not bad people and honestly neither of us arre ever home so it`s wahtever but it`s part of the mission rules or something... WHY. also, mexican plumbing is the worst, all o my bathrooms on the mission have had some sort of problem and honestly, i just want it to be this time next week to see where i`m going. maybe nealtican. maybe teahucan. maybe nowhere.... but i don`t really want to go back to Puebla either, in mayorazgo or vallsequillo. the city stresses me out and i`ve been in my little town for so long i don`t know how i`ll function i they throw me back into the city.

 but, we`ll see. 

lots of love from your favorite misionera no anti cristo,

hermana mills.

some old photos from last week. my good birthdeay cake with the zone activity. or two weeks ago actually two weeks ago.

hermana maradiaga and hermana dena and me

Monday, August 22, 2016

In which Tory is a bit antsy....

As for investigadores we have eleven new investigators this week but..... i don`t think any of them are going to progress. Izamar yes, she has a baptism date for the sixth of september, LITERALLY THE DAY AFTER CAMBIOS. i`m not gonna be here! well....who knows honestly. I dunno if i want to be here or not. six months in the same area???? If i get stuck here another cambio it would be six months. I wanna see some new streets and new faces. not that i don`t love this ward but.......i`m tired. i miss you guys and i miss normal clothes and i need some new faces and new places. Eight months seems like nothing and at the same time it seems like a lifetime. Also, i had cake pretty much every day last week except on my acutal birthday, which sort of sucked because we had like, no lessons, ate BUG TACOS for lunch. Tinny little fried GRASSHOPPERS covered in bright red chilie with cold tortillas and lettuce. the hermana that we ate with thatt day hates me. I know she does. She`s Abri`l oldest sister and the whole drama with abril being baptixed in the ward with her illigetamate father and that whole mess well that just sucked i`m sorry for ensuring the salvation of a little girl carolina. Freaking people. But on friday we went to visit a family of recent converts (those triste fritos had FIVE baptisms before they left here. FIVE. I AM OBIDENT AND I HAVE HAD NOTHING UGHHHHHHH 😭) Familia avendaño, and they had a cake there for me and cookies and a little present of a jar of candy and a shirt that is a size small and so not my style but it was so sweet of them they`re so cute i want to baptize their mom!!!! They`re five jovens (youths) the youngest is fourteen and the oldest is twenty one. all girls except the oldest brother but they`re all so great and cute and awhhhhh i love them so much. but i want cambios. i wanna leave ometoxtla. i need to go somewhere else or i`m gonna go crazy. i love hna maradiaga and this ward a ton but yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... i`m getting restless and homesick and i wanna go home. in eight months i wanna go home but i want these eight months to pass by flying if that is at all possible- 

today was the actividad for the hermanas and it was actually pretty fun. but i don`t have any cool pictures...sorry. i`m also feeling weird and anxious and grouchy and it`s because i want to hold wes he`s so big! i can`t hold kids for another eight months. why is this a rule? I don`t like this rule... i want to hold the baby of hermana areli who was born on my birthday!!! Alondra is the baby`s name and she`s so cute and hermana areli is my favorite!!!!! she and her husband are so cute and funny and great and i love them so much.

but that´s all i got...hope everything is good back on the farm.

lots of love

hna mills

Monday, August 15, 2016

In which the birthday girl has a party (of sorts)...

No blog e-mail today so here is the letter to her mom:

Katie´s package is here so i´ve got that too look forward to on Wednesday. Today was the actividad de zona (zone activity) and my sister trainer leaders brought cake which was actually a big surprise. Hermana m and I went across the street from the church to buy drinks because the zone leaders Elder Bons and Dominguez brought pízza (i have eaten more little ceaser pizza on my mission than ever in my LIFE seriously) and we were coming back and Elder bons shouted from the window ´hurry up we´re waiting for you guys to bless the food´ which i thought was weird because everyone blessed their own pizza because some of us were still playing volley ball (which i did poorly wich goes to show that somethings never change, i still can´t sport) when we got inside and they started singing happy birthday and there was a cake with a ton of melted candles, i dunno why they didn´t wait until they saw us coming across the street, but whatever, it was a really yummy chocolate cake, but the tradiotion her is you have to bite the cake if it´s your birthday, and usually that means you get your face shoved IN the cake but i was too speedy for hermana m so my face didn´t end up too cakey. Itwas pretty fun. we played voley ball ate pizza had another weird game activity like a relay race. So I actually want to go to Nealtican now. They were here for our zone conferince (because they´re pretty close to Cholula so we do stuff like zone conferences together with Nealtican) and man, zona nealtican are partiers. they all just seemed super happy and fun. Supposedly, Nealtican is where all the fiestas are. And a ton of Marriachi. And everyone is mormon. They call it mini utah. But I have yet to see a mariachi band in utah. A lot of reactavation more than baptisms but in Ometoxtla too. Man the work is going slow these days. 😥 our only invst. with a fecha (baptismal date) MOVED without telling us! he moved to PUebla!!! he was the Elder´s investigators but we´ve got nothing. No one here wants to progress. Mexico is hard! Joseph didn´t know what he was talking about when I said I was going to south america. Central america, Guatamala is different. Here everyone is terrified to change their socks without their parents permission!!!! grown ups! grow up! take yuour own desicions!!!! ´it´s because my parents are catholic´ I DIDN´T ASK ABOUT YOUR PARENTS. FREAK. EVERYONE IS CATHOLIC. 

And I think this birthday is going to be better than myVegas birthday. For one, it´s not going to be hotter than satan´s bath water. Honestly, Puebla is pretty similiar to Utah, but it doesn´t snow here. But it isn´t humid. It does rain a lot more though... basically through september, then it gets cold. Transfers are on september fifth. I have a feeling I´m headed for Nealtican. I hope so honestly. I don´t want to go back to Puebla really. Just the thought of heading back to the city gives me a headache. I don´t know, it´s just that I´ve been here in Ometoxtla for so long, and I love the ward here, honestly, the members are FANTASTIC, but ya...... I´m tired of this area. I´m tired of the tiny catholic little old ladies calling my anti christs and refuisng to listen.  Or loving to listen or mas bien }talk my hear of about their life and their santos (patron saints) and their grand children who aren´t married and like those gueras. I´m ready for a change. Which probably means i´m gonna be stuck here for six months. 😥 

but hey, I¨ve already got nine months under my belt!!  I´m honestly closer to ten mnths now. Like, did that happen?????? This is both good and bad. We met a RM in the street the pther day, working with some project but he´s from the north mission, or his stake is from there anyway, he´s from PUebla, but he was saying ´right now you´ve got to think about your investigators, hermanas, but you can´t forget about the life after the mission. You need to have plans. If you go back and just live with your parents and don´t study or don´t get married your spiritual progress is going to flatline because everything is going to just go back to how it use to be. make your plans now, and then don´t worry about it.´

thank you sir now i AM  worrying about it..... but whatever.....i´ll figure it out later. I don´t think I need really detailed plans honestly. I figure i´ll get back in  May, work for the summer and go back to snow. To study wghat, who knows. but i don´t want my old job back honestly..... i´m good. I´ll find something else. 

That´s all i got for right now. 

love love love LOVE you from here to the mexican moon and back!!!!!!!

Hermana Mills

i think i have some chocolate on my face still.....

Monday, August 8, 2016

In which a baby is almost born instead of testimonies...

This week has been good and it`s been bad. It rains pretty much all the time now, at least every day around six in the afternoon but for the past few days it`s been raining ALL DAY LONG. Also I was super sick to my stomach wensday through sauterday but I have yet to throw up in mexico. Honestly i think i would prefer throwing up`at least so i could get whatever i`ve got going on in my gut out of there but, i`m all good now. Hna M pretty much throws up every day or at least six or seven times a week so.....i think i`m pretty good in comparasion. 

This week has been good because this ward, man it`s AMAZING. I LOVE the members here! Ometoxtla is definetly my favorite ward that i`ve been in (of the two that i have.....) They are all so great and suportive and want to be involved in missionary work and ahhhhh they`re all so cute I love them so much, not to mention that because yesterday holy crap they saved my SKIN yesterday!!!! So we`ve found a new investigator (que bueno because nobody is progressing in Ometoxtla :P) her name is Gloria and she pretty much has the roughest circumstances I have yet to come across here in mexico. She`s from El Salvador and has TWELVE KIDS. Seven in el salvador and five here. She`s not married (never has been) has admitted to us that she was once a prostitute and now she`s pregnent with her twelth child and doesn`t know what to do with her life. I honestly.....I dunno. A lot of the members have told us the ward has helped her before but she really just doesn`t want to work. She refuses to get a job and she just comes to the ward every so often to get help but honestly, she needs it. She might not progress as an investigator but, I have hope for her two daughters, kimberly and rosi who are twelve and eleven respectively. But she came with us to church yesterday, and she brought her vitamins that she needed injected because she was hoping an hermana from the ward knew how to give shots and at the end of sacrament meeting she said that the pains had started and I just looked at my comp like `what. what did she just say. what. no` because seriously, this woman is ready to pop. She can have her kid any day now. And when we were in the car with her and a member who was driving us all the church gloria was saying all this stuff about her life and how she needed a lot of help and how there was a doctor in santa barbara who could help her and all this stuff and she made us late to sacrament meeting and the whole time we were getting to church all I could think of was `what have we done. oh no. oh no. she wants us to take her to the hospital. now what do i do. crap. what have I DONE.` and when she said she couldn`t get up! And the pains were starting! I was so scared I though this lady is gonna have her baby in the middle of fast and testimony meeting freak no manches que hago. 

well she eventually stood up and we showed her where the bathroom was and me and maradiaga were talking outside of the bathroom like `FREEEEEAK WHAT HAVE WE DONE HERMANA WWHAT DO WE DO!` and Hermana Mari, who brought us with her in the first place came out to meet us and was like `what`s going on, everything okay?` 
and I`m panicing at this point because i thought  `we`ve brought this lady to church and she`s going to beg a ride from somebody to the doctor and she obviously can`t pay for it and ah crap the members are gonna be so MAD. waht do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!` not to mention one of the few members who i`ve met in all of my mission that i can honestly say that i DO NOT get along with because she is such a drama queen always looking for gossip she`s like rita skeeter from harry potter and UGHHHHH she was watching the whole thing with this smug smile and i wanted to throw my hymn book in her FACE. 

but everyone pulled throuh. there`s a less active member who we`ve been working a lot with named gemma who is a nurse and her mom is a midwife who said they would check her over in thier hosue so our ward mission leader hno alexis drove us all to the gemma`s house (after sacrament meeting, i didn`t go to sunday school or relief society this week. what class of missionary am i)  and hna maradiaga and i were running around like a chicken with it`s head cut off looking for somebody to teach gospel principles and replace hna mari in the nursery put then it wasn`t actually necassary and to make a long story short, gloria did not give birth in the chapel, my ward mission leader is amazing and i have to repent for everything i said about him in the past, Gemma and Piedad (the midwife who is about ninety i`m pretty sure and the cutest little old lady i want to be her when i grow up) and I love this ward. We also didn`t have to pay any medical bills so we`re all good. 

also our only investigator with a baptismal date, Armando (he was an investigator of the elders but there history so now he`s ours) moved to Puebla without telling us so...............................back to square one....again. Also, Abril doesn`t come to church anymore because her mom is inactive and abril who is nine years old can`t walk literally one block by herself at eleven in the morning on a sundy in san gabriel the safest little area i`ve seen yet, to go to church..................  why do people gotta be like this? Also, why can`t people just pray and why can`t they understand that having a few drops of water sprinkled on your head as an infant DOES NOT MEAN YOU WERE BAPTIZED LIKE JESUS WAS BAPTIZED. freaking catholics. that`s my slogan of the mission. it`s not mission appropriate language nor is it very kind but it`s TRUE. 

I think that`s all I have to report. Hna Wendy fixed my polka dot dress so now i can wear it and it`s long and mission appropriate and i get to wear boots! I got approval to buy little ankle high boots because we`re always tromping through weeds and my feet are full of bug bites so YAY. 

In which Tory tells us even less...

There wasn't much in the way of e-mails this week. No pictures, no news except another bitter diatribe on the evils of laundry. Sorry folks.