Monday, September 26, 2016

In which....meh

Note from the editor: This was my whole e-mail, an my mom's wasn't any better. Not sure what the marriage analogy means, but here ya go. 

I don´t really know what to write.....we´ve had a meh week. it´s rainy. we´ve got no baptism dates but some potentials. evelyn and andres aren´t keeping their commitments and I feel like my mission is turning out to be a model of a marriage and if this is what it is like to be married.....i think i´m better off as a ministering angel. Annabeth looks like as appathatic as April from Parks and Rec. 

Aforementioned picture of Annabeth

The following pics were a forward from a zone leader

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In which Tory trys to sport

actually this area is pretty similiar to utah. there´s some little mountany hill things and i can´t see popo from here but it´s pretty similiar geographically but it´s super hot and it´s september. i don´t want to now what it´s like around here in april and may. 

things are good and bad. the ward here is hard to work with and on sundayeveryone in relief society was just shooting burns back and forth an a ton of passive agressive side comments and me and hermana ayala were just sitting there like 😓.....well this is gonna be fun. I like this area a lot (it´s big, lots of investiagators a WALMART) but i miss the members in ometoxtla. they helped us out more. there´s only like two members here who want to come with us on visits. yesterday hna marisa was with us from the hours of 6 to eight and NO ONE WAS HOME. we had NO lessons with members present 😥 que chafa!!! (chafa is mexican slang for crappy basically) our ward mission leader is still chafa but he has a secratari or an assistent or somthing, gerbin (super weird name, it´s like, hervin with a mexican accent), who is rm who got back about a year ago i think, and he helps us out. but he´s going to go to philedelphia in november so.........great. back to no one helping out.

we haven´t found evalyn and andres all week. Andrea who listens to the killers is sixteen. hopefully we´re going to find them soon i forget what it´s like to have a progressing investigator😥 
 Today we had a zone activity and we played kickball ultimate frisbee (but with a football which was surprisingly easier) and volley ball and i am NOT sporty. i don´t know how to sport but it was a lot of fun actually. and honestly none of the hermanas really know how to sport but it was fun. until this peruvian elder pegged me in the head with a volley ball and never apologized. :P but he´s a wierdo so whatever. cabanillas who has pretty much followed me my whole mission who i don´t get along with. but whatever. i never see him anyway. and charity never faileth and what not. got to have that charity. Helaman 10 is one of my favorite chapters in the bom. that and mosiah the adress of king benjamin. i´m on my third time reading it now in my mission but i´ve barely touched the old testament honestly. i´m in romans in the new testament but the old testament is so boring and i don´t like lot. 

i´ve got interviews coming up on the twenty seventh and i feel nervous again i don´t really want to go because w have to talk about how we´re working with members, how our studies are going and how we´re working on taeching with clarity and power...........ALL OF WHICH I FEEL LIKE I´M FAILING AT. but whatever.........not much else has happened lately.

Oh, I heard there is an Elder Mills coming to our mission. Elder Muñoz back in Ome asked me if my brother was coming to the mission and i was like ´....not that i know of. if so he´s  comin´ REAL late´ it would be cool if he came to Teahucan, but I don´t think so. We´ve already got an elder in training here and I don´t think anyone is going to train soon, not here in Teahucan. At least not the Elders. But que bueno that more elders are coming. We´re getting streatched REAL thin here in Puebla Sur. The wards are geographically enormous and in Ometoxtla there use to be three sets of missionaries, when i was there there was just two, and then at the end just one. here in libertad teahucan it´s freaking huge too. but i´m use to giant areas. but in ome there was comvis that you could take and here the routes don´t really help us out any. there´s also a ton of apartment buildings and everyone (including us) seems to live on the top floor. So i basically get home dead tired and a sweaty mess everyday but hey. mission life is the only life that i currently am fimiliar with. everything before the mission is sort of a would be cool to come back to teahucan and teach english, A less active member, Rosalva has already offered me her house. I dunno how much it is to live with her but i wouldn´t imagine too much. but i don´t think i´d want to come back right away. i don´t think i could afford it and i don´t think dad would let me. but i´m going to start teaching an english class on friday....i´m terrified. i don´t know what i´ve gotten myself into. but TONS of people have asked me to teach them english. more than seven. and we thought maybe it would be a good way to find new investigators. but i dunno how to teach english!!!!! i don´t even remember the last english class i had. and it was a writing class. awh cuss...this is gonna go badly.

love you and miss you because teahucan makes me miss utah and real mountains,

zone acitivty pics. the one where no one is smiling is the ´foto pueblano´ because for some reason here in puebla almost nobody smiles in pictures. so there´s always a normal, funny and pueblano, picture.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In which President Obama saves Tory from possible abduction...

We found a family to teach!! Evalyn and andres and they´re kids (their daughter andrea is one of the few people here in mexico who i´ve met who wasn´t another missionary who has a similiar music taste as me. she likes the killers!!! and when i said brandon flowers was a mormon her eyes got super big, he´s the lead singer of the killers) a rareity in mexico where both the husband and the wife are interested (and are actually MARRIED IT´S A MIRACLE) they´re pretty adorable and with a little luck i´ll actually get to be here if they choose to be baptized. i always have transfers literally days before schedualed baptisims. they said they´d get baptized if they came to know that this was true but they didn´t want to set a baptismal date.

we have another invst. geraldo who has a date to be baptized but...i´m not too sure this is going to fly. he hasn´t quit smoking or drinking and his baptism date is for the twenty fourth. also this ward is super judgy and i already don´t really like my ward mission leader. the bishop is super cool, and the assistent to the ward mission leader (because the he´s never actually HERE and he´s (ward mission leader) super obnoxious like ´well hermanas, in MY mission blah blah blah blah´ ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THIS IS NOT YOUR MISSION. THIS IS MINE. LET ME DO MY JOB. freak. i´m so over men thinking i never know what i´m doing just because i´m a girl. i´m only twenty years old, it´s true, but this time i feel like like i do actualy know what i´m doing. at least a little bit. i at least i  know better how this mission, mission puebla sur, works better than he does. 😣 it will be a miracle if i get married after the mission. i´m so over boys it´s ridiculous. 

But all is well because i ate subway today for the first time in basicaly a year and somebody was playing imagine dragons so all is well in Teahucan.  The mexican day of independence is the this week on Friday so that should be fun/intersting/terrifying. Honestly, almost no body bothers me here in Teaucan it´s great i love it. A few whistle or shout random english words but por lo regular. nada. i´m in the gloria here. Although i have had a few marriage proposals 😑 but whatever. One of our investigators, geraldo, (who reminds me a bit of pat) was a little tipsy i´m pretty sure and called me ´guapísima´ and introduced me to his neigbor and siad he wasn´t going to let me leave if i had transfers. to which i said my president would come for me cuz he´s like my dad. They now think i´m on speaking terms with Barack Obama....... oops. I tried to explain that I meant president STELLMON but ya. the damage has been done. que bueno that he was a little drunk. 

teahucan is hot, right now but this honestly doesn´t seem to be any different thanmy other areas. today was a little warmer than usual. honestly it´s pretty nice,the weather in the night time i´ts perfect and it doesn´t rain!!!! I love it for that. I actually really like my area. it´s super SUPER nice. like...the nicest i´ve been in. there´s pavement. no body bothers me for the most part. (not like in mayorazgo or in ome) there´s a walmart, the weather is super nice, my companion is a total sweetheart. she´s twenty six and has only been a member for a year and a half! she´s the only member of her family but she´s really great. she´s from campeche. like hermana jimenez but a different city. 

There is a school here that´s run my the stake president that you come and live here for four months and teach english in this school and honestly, i could be a part of that. it would be super cool. honestly i´ve been thinking about offering an english class here but.......i have no idea how i would do it. of all my areas, i would definetly prefer to live in Tehucan. 

That´s about it for this week. The ward is gonna have a party this week for Mexican Independence so that should be fun. we´ll see if Geraldo wants to come to a party where there will be no tequila. 

lots of love

hermana mills


Monday, September 5, 2016

In which Tory discovers Jurassic Park...

I´m good. I had cambios. I´m in TEHUCAN THE FREAKING HOTTEST AREA IN THIS MISSION FOR HERMANAS. i´m pretty sure i´m literally the ONLY person who would prefer to go to Nealtican than Teahucan and when the ap´s called and told us last night honestl i cried. because it´s two hours away from choulula by bus and there´s no way i can go back for the baptsim of Izamar tomorow........ i know it´s terrible and selfish but it´s not going to ´count´ as my baptism but i don´t even have any pictures of her!!!!!! or Moroni!!! He´s named moroni because her husband is a member. and morni is the CUTEST. NOOOOoooooooo............... 😭 also i was sort of hoping that i could train this transfer or be hermana lider or SOMETHING. ten months and i´ve always been junior comp. And it was worse cuz hermana maradiaga is hermana lider in cholula now and hermana dena, who is from the same generation as me quit being hermana lider so she could train this transfer. All my friends were rising up to all sorts of great hights and all i knew was that i had cambios and i wasn´t going to be here for the baptism of izamar. i felt bad and mad and sad because i NEVER get to see any of the people i love get baptized. famila velda, i left a day after they accepted a baptismal date (they never ended up getting baptized, who knows why) and Izamar....literally the DAY BEFORE HER BAPTISM. but, i´m okay now. yesterday after a good weeping bitterly session during packing, i sort of came to terms with my fate. just cuz my life isn´t going according to my plan doesn´t mean it´s going badly. also, i´m senior companion now not that that means anything really. my comp is Hermana Ayala and i´m her second companion. she just barely left her training. so that´s kind of terrifying. she´s my first comp that has had less time than me in the mission. just three months!!! she´s a little baby in the mission and i´ve got close to a year and i´m getting callosues on my knees from kneeling so much to pray. but that´s okay. i think it´s pretty cool.

but my area is pretty sweet actually. I´m back in the city, Teahucan is a city that´s a little smaller and cleaner than Puebla. there is a WALMART. a walmart!!!! which is a blessing because i´m almost out of contact solution and i´m pretty sure i can only find that in walmart. also i found dry shampoo!!! because seriously! i can´t wash my hair everyday hair is falling out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i´m not kidding!!! i´m shedding like NEVER before in my LIFE and everytime i run my fingers through my hair about seven or eight hairs come with it!!! I´M GOING TO BE BALD. my hair is a lot thinner now, and i´m not exagerating. I AM LITERALLY LOSING MY HAIR!!!!! So i bought some fancy expencive conditioner and dry shampoo because everyone says it´s the water here. or know because i´m such a stress free individual......... cue crazy eye twitch. there´s also a sams club and a little ceasers! and driving in here there´s lots of little hills and i almost felt like i was back in utah. except for the very dramatic hisotorical movie playing in spanish about the battle of cinco de mayo. which was actually pretty interesting and i probably watched more of it than i should have.....i´m gonna say it was my languge study today.

but today was mostly traveling. i travled with a bunch of was super weird....... but i didn´t even sit by them on the bus and the didn´t even talk to me so it´s fine. How does kole make his rasberry drink? water rasberries and sugar? because that´s pretty much all the aguas here in mexico. your fruit of preference, water and sugar. they´re pretty great. i had a rasberrie the other day!!! a member had a rasberry bush!!!! but that´s back in ome and here there like 150 pesos for a tiny little box so.............when i get home it´ll be prime rasberry season...maybe. i don´t know when i´m gonna get home...or when is prime rasberry season. i don´t remember anything. i don´t know how do anything anymore but mission. and sometimes not even is going to be interesting for me next year......

my comp seems cool. my sister trainer leader hermana shumway is from moab so that´s fun. she´s super great. our new apartment has a lavadero (it´s still hand wash) so i don´t have to wash my clothes in the KITCHEN sink. now i have my own clothes washing sink and it´s at a decent height so my back doesn´t even hurt now. all is well and good in the world here in Teahucan... also hot. it´s really hot. 😥

but yeah...that´s my life these days......

lots and lots of love

hermana mills

Hermana Ayala and i may not have done some illegal breaking and entering (well mostly entering) at this exhibit that she said had a bunch of aunometronci dinosaurs. we didn´t break anything but there was lots of entering going on... but whatever. it was worth it to whistle the jurrasic park theme song and take selfies with dinosaurs.

surprise! Jurassic Park is actually in Teahucan Puebla, Mexico
a little bit of my drive into teauchan.

our sick fútbol jersies. it´s the offical puebla team but grey and pink instead of white and blue and it says mission puebla sur and it has my name on the back and number four because i entered the mission feild on november fourth.

final selfie with hermana maradiaga in the capu