Monday, November 28, 2016

In which Tory get's the boot... longer in Teahucan. So that´s a shocker. And no hints of sarcasm there because I was actually ligetametly surprised/stunned/angry/resentful about this. They weren´t emergency transfers or anything but i usually have three transfers así que no tengo mucho a contarles.....sorry. not much to talk about. I´m in Atlixco, with Hermana Peynado who is from Mexico but speaks English really well and.....that is all for right now.

the pamphlet one was there was an alcholics ananmsljsdlfjoejoj what is english stand with little flyers so we put a word of wisdom pamphlet in there cuz we thought we were funny. teh other is the last district meeting i had in teahucah with hna ayala, vargas and van rompaey.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In which Tory needs a humble pie... other letter got deleted so y´all are getting the readers condesed version. I have somehow turned southern on my mission, I´ve said Y´all more than I have in my entire life this transfer. 

Super Flash version of our week.

Working with members is hard. I´m not good at it and Imight have to take a slice of humble pie or try chowing down the whole thingbecause i´m convinced I can do this by myself. More so after I ask for help from our ward mission leader or the bishop and there like ´I only ever had ONE ward mission leader on my whole mission hermanas. back in my day ect. ect.´

thanks bishop but I wasn´t asking for an anectdote about your glory days I was asking for some friends for my GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS GOSH DANG IT. 

carlos and Monsi are still golden but they can´t be baptized this sauterday that we had originally planned on because they´re not married and we can´t get a hold of his ex wife........Why can´t I just go to guadalajara myself and hunt this chick down and force her to sign these papers!!!! You are standing in the way of somebody´s salvation lady!!!!!! 

suprprise surprise life is messy and missions are hard. 

I think that is a pretty good summery of my whole experince in this past year. 

I also have learned I can makepretty good mac and cheese with a few slices of that cheese that comes individually wrapped in plastic, milk and half a package of speghetti that I found in the cupboard of the apartment that who KNOWS how long it has been there...also,thisisthe first time that I´ve had cupboards on my mission!! it´s a miracle. cupboards are not a thing in mexico. also refridgeration. no one refredgerates anything.

well....nothing else to report ithink. all is well in tehucan. well......yeah we´ll just leave it at that.

lots of love

Hermana Mills

This is something called  bolis, it's basically ice creme in a bag. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In which Tory is scared, despite having become an assassin in her spare time

I´ve officaly got a year in and that is terrifying. I go through phases of wanting to go home and wanting to be a missionary for the rest of my life. it´s confuisng for all parties involved. which is usually just me and sometime my comp. but usually just me.

I have found the most golden of all golden investigatores and i´m so scared that i´m gonna have transfers before they get baptized because THAT ALWAY HAPPEN TO ME.

Hermana Van Rompaey is really great but she´s gonna finish soon. We try not to think too much about that, both of us, but sometimes it gets the better of us. But she´s passed through a lot of the same difficulties that I have on the mission so that was good. We had comp exchanges and our hermana capaciatadora said I´m a good teacher but I don´t know.....I feel like I can never nail ´Inspired Questions´ or teaching like the Savior taught no matter how many time I read the new testament and chapter ten in pmg.

My cockroach hit list is steadily growing (i am the roach slaying queen) and I don´t know what-else has happened you, miss you and I´m living in a state of constant terror. just kidding i´m just sort of a drama queen.

The real world seems a lot closer on the OTHER side of the mission if that makes sense. Being a real adult with a job and a husband and kids all of that seems a lot closer with only six months left. I know there´s no rush, but it´s hard not to feel it when EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT MARRIAGE. We´re talking about marriage trying to get Carlos and Monsi married so they can get baptized (and they are litterally perfect like oh my goodness thank you thank you thankyou THANKYOU heavenly Father for letting me come to Teauchan and meet them they are so perfect and accept everything and come to church and they read and I LOVE THEM) And I dunno....i´m just scared. What is my life going to be like when I´m not a missionary?? I want an agenda still. A missionary daily planner. I need to know what I´m gonna do every hour or I dunno I´m gonna go nuts. I´m scared that I´m just gonna fall back into the person that I was and spend way too much time on the internet and loose the habit of prayer and scripture study and that all the progress I´ve made i´ll jut loose it.....Time running out. Me going home and I dunno......being different or not having changed at all.....And if I am different is it better? But am I still me? Maria wrote me ´My beautiful, sweet, spunky, snarky Tory.´  am I still spunky and snarky? I´m having an existential crisis. WHO AM I???? I´m also scared of getting back to the normal world I don´t know how the real world works! I don´t know what I want to do with my life! Well, I do, but it´s basically just rent a VW van and become a beach bum with my uke and drive down the pacific coast highway but I don´t think that President Stellmon will like that answer in our final interview...

so in a nutshell....i´m sscared. That is all.