Monday, January 30, 2017

In which Tory discovers the extent of her fame...

We had interviews with President and I got my christmas package from the washburns. tell them muchas gracias from me. I´d like to send them a note too but....i still haven´t found the post office yet. or found time to write letters. Even though the scheduale has sort of changed for missionaries everywhere and supposedly i should have a little more time in the night time now. I don´t know how I feel about these changes. they´re weird. We´ve got a full hour of personal study and then everything else is been cut down to half an hour and they don´t care when or where you study. you can do it under a tree at three in the afternoon if you want. the only two that are really set are personal study time and planning. in the morning. now when we get home the only thing we have to do is update the area book and our journals and if we want we could get a little more shut eye. but i never seem to find the time to get to bed any early anyway so......

that´s also why i´m writing earlier because now i have to get all my computer time done by two in the afternoon. before two o´clock everything done before two. 

we´ve got a baptism date for the twenty fifth of February. Maria del Rayo, but she prefers Rayo. She´s twenty seven has two adorable little girls and was listening to the missionares before but her mother in law, who she lived with said that they couldn´t come back so she stopped listening to them but she was always curious and so when we walked into her little papeleria becaus the rest of our appointments had fallen through and i was so desperate to teach SOMEONE that i basically just said ´Hi we´re missionaries do you want to hear about Jesus?´and she responded ´yes. yes I do.´ so that was really cool.

we had a worldwide training meeting last wednesday and our whole mission got together and so i got to see hermana marradiaga and hermana van rompaey again! So that was cool we took a mission picture and I saw Elder Mills but I didn´t talk to him and I a newbie sister missionary from utah came up to me and was like ´i use to read your blog!!!!!! i loved it! and it helped me get ready for my mission!´ and i was just like 😐who are you???? but she was super cute and nice. Sister Lochester or something fancy like that. she´s in nealtican.I now know NO ONE in the mission. Everyone I knew is dead. And that´s why my comp is always like ´you´re leaving soon aren´t you? you´re leaving soon!! are you going to leave me some of your clothes????´ not like anything I have would even fit her, she comes up to my waist. 

We had interviews with president and it was super nice to talk to him man i love president. he told me some really nice things that helped me out.  he said i am a wonderful WONDERFUL missionary and when it is my turn to leave we´re both going to cry. he said my spirit is softer, kinder that i´m no longer flipent or juvinele that i´m a spiritually mature, organized and refined missionary, an amazing teacher, and i´ve progressed so much in such a short time and that i need to stop being so hard on myself. he said i was beating myself up like one of my dad´s cows.  Man, I love president Stellmon. I want him to come to my wedding and just to stay in contact with him for the rest of my life and seek his wise councils always. I´m glad he´s from Idaho and not from Argentina or something like that. 

anyway, that´s all i got. hope all is well on the farm. i´ll send some pictures right now. love yuou love you love you love you!!!

oh...and what´s your opinion if i run away to wyoming for the summer when i get back and work at Jackson Hole??

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In which Tory abandons us to be a good Mama....

 There is going to be a world wide missionary training meeting this Wednesday and we´re going to go to Puebla, the whole mission is going to get together and i´m super excited!!!! i´m going to see hermana marradiaga again and hermana van rompaey!!!! we haven´t gotten all together, the whole mission since MY training. the last time we did was when Elder Oaks came. So i´m pretty excited!!!! I don´t have anything else really to say. Nobody is porgressing so.....that´s fun 😫 but we´ve got enterviews  Friday I feel like i can either write a good letter to president or to you....i have to pick. and because hna guzman is in her training he´s asked me to make my letters longer soo.....sorry. president takes precidence right now. 

taking over Atlixco

falling down the hill of San Miguel

a super nice selfie NOT sponsered by gatorade even though it seems like it

Monday, January 16, 2017

In which the reader recieves a small Spanish lesson

Hey y´all,

I´m pretty sure the Spanish equivalent of y´all is vosotros….cómo estáis vosotros? I think that´s how it works. I don´t understand vosotros. Hello, i´m Hermana Mills and I´ve been in Mexico for a year and I still don´t completely understand Spanish.
So, I´m training this transfer. That is both exciting and terrifying. My companion is Hermana Guzman, she´s from Guatemala (hold your horses Joseph, don´t have a heart attack of happiness) Rabinal Guatemala, Misión Guatemala Coban. She´s really sweet and a recent convert. She has a year and seven months of being a member. I´m having flash backs of my own training which is both good and bad. Bad because I think my training left me permanently scarred in some aspects (just kidding) and good because I realized I actually have progressed and changed a lot.

Things are good in Madero. We´re working with a kid named Gerado who when he´s paying attention is great and when he´s…distracted… I want to smack him with my folletos. I have a feeling he´s got some issues with the word of wisdom. Este chamaco. But we´re also working with Hermana Conchita and her family, who took us to the villa iluminada. There´s so much to talk about I just feel like I don´t have the time or the brain power to write it all. Atlixco has proven to be a real turning point in my mission. I´ve learned a lot here. Felt like I´ve literally gone insane here for a few seconds, but here I am, in one piece (relatively) and training a newbie…..awesome.

But all is well in Zion, or you know, Atlixco. I´m trying not to freak out about how fast time is passing by. But the whole mission is going to meet up on the twenty fifth and that means I get to see all my friends!!!!! I get to see Hermana van rompay and Hermana maradiaga and i´m so pumped!!!

But that´s all I got..

Lots of missionary love,

Hermana mills

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

In which Tory is unsure what to expect while expecting...

YOU´RE GOING TO BE A GRANDMA/AUNT. I´M GOING TO GET AN HIJA. I¨m going to train this transfer!!!!!!!! I HAVE MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT THIS. That´s why I¨m writing so early, because I don´t know if I¨ll get a chance later... I have to go back to Puebla to recieve my new babicita compeñera. And who knows how long i´m going to be there. 

I´m sort of terrified. sort of excited. sort of feeling like throwing up. the things i do for my future children.... mostly i´m terrified. Hopefully I´ll get a better letter out later but I dunno if I´ll have time.

Said goodbye to hna peynado. cried a little. 

hermana mills (soon to be mama mills)