Monday, February 27, 2017

In which Tory becomes a fire fighter...

Well.....there´s a lot of stuff that hashappened in these last few days. We have another investigator Rayo who has a baptismal date for march 18. She´s cute and has two little girls who are ADORABLE. our bishopric in the ward has changed and our new bishop is one of my favorite people here in Madero entonces...i´m super happy with this new bishopric. I don´t know if I´ve mentioned Diana Ahumada but she is one of my favorite people ever and ehr family is adorable. Her husband, José Valazques is our new bishop. and it´s going to be weird to say Obispo instead of hermano pepe..... but they are the cutest they help us out a lot with visits and they´re SOCUTE I LOVE THEM and i want my future family to be like them. 

And before I forget, I finally faced every missionary´s nightmare that are here in Puebla south mission.. chicken feet. I had to eat chicken feet. and like four or five too.  😲😩 not a fan of patas de pollo. i didn´t even know you can find meat with chicken feet. but there is some gross geletian like substance betweeen all of those little bones. it didn´t really taste like anything but they were sort of slimey not my favorite. also i ate blood stuffed intestines in tacos the other day with Mimí Perez and her husband in a family home evening. i think i´ve already talked about them but i also love them and i want to see her husband in a baptismal font gosh dang it!!!!!!!!! i ate blood tacos for you josé luis the least you could do is enter into a sacred covenent with your father in heaven in exchange. i mean come on. i´m not asking much. 

and the other day heramna guzman and i became firefighters. we were visiting hermana oli, helping her prepare for the family home evening that she was going to have, (in which she invited half of the little town she lives in and there were only five of us who showed, rayo, oli and a recent convert juan manuel) And we were sweeping and stirringher atole when she shouted at us to come outside and we ran out and saw that her little kitchen that she has outside under a patio (everything made of wood) was in flames. she´d been burning trash out in a little fire pit that she has out there and we think the wind caught one of them but everything was going up in smoke. and she didn´t have very much water so we went crazy emptying her things of pure drinkable water into buckets and trying to put this fire out. which we did at the end. and then we were sooty and sweaty and smelled like smoke and i´d just barely sent my boots to the zapatero (a cobbler) to replace the soul and wash and shine them up and they were so nice and clean and now they´re filthy again. that missionary life though.

but i think that´s all. we´re going to go make tortillas with hermana oli later today and then go to a magic garden with some other missionaries that are here in atlixco. this is probably my last transfer here in atlixco. i have mixed feelings about that.

but yep...that´s all i got

hna guzman and me and anira, a girl who just barely left on her mission. her parents are like our parents they are so cute and they worry about us and bring us oreos and milk sometimes

Thursday, February 23, 2017

In which Tory realizes the end is near...

Gerado disapeared off the radar and never showed up to his interview and now the young men´s president said that he passed by to invite him to church and he says he doesn´t want us to come by anymore....
i´ve just gotten used to not baptizing. president told me that this is a hard ward. he´s had lots of problems with the members here and he basically told us, until this ward has a change of heart there won´t be any baptisms here because they´re too proud. There´s lots of ex seventys and mission presidents and stuff who just want to do things their way. That being said there are several members here that i love to peices. Diana Ahumada and her family, Hermana Oliva who is eighty one and such a fire cracker I love her and I am DETERMINED to name my first daughter Olive, after her, and Mimi Perez. She doesn´t have much time that she´s been active again and her husband isn´t a member but he doesn´t want to be baptized. He´s super great and nice and funny and he would be an AMAZING member but he´s catholic and happy as a catholic. But someday. sometimes I just look at them and i´m just like ´........soon hermano jose luis....soon.´ and their youngest daughter, is ADORABLE she prays so that the zombies don´t get her and dances along to hymns in sacrament meeting and I love her. We had a family home evening with them yesterday and I really can´t explain why i love them so much.

Today officially begins my second to last transfer. my pen ultimo cambio....twelve weeks. President said that it wasn´t very fair that they have a first twelve weeks program but a last twelve weeks program no. i think the thing that is going to be the hardest for me is not count the time. I nkow that I shouldn´t but I can´t help it. I don´t know how many weeks i´ve got in the mission, i haven´t been keeping track but I do now that i only have twelve weeks left...and honestly Gerado sort of left me gutted. I don´t know what else to do. This ward is...hard. But we do have another investigator with a baptismal date, Rayo but she either has to get married or leave her husband. He doesn´t live with her but he is always dropping by so........ that´s a problem. but she´s come to church two times and the primary president, Felisa Lopez es un amor and has really been helping her out. GIRL POWER. 

I think that´s all I´ve got to say this week. Today starts off the new transfer and ojala that it´ll be better than the last one. it´ll be better. the beginning of transfers is always the best part AND i´m like 99% sure it´s my last transfer here in atlixco. i hope. please. atlixco is a refiners fire.

lots of love hermana mills

Monday, February 13, 2017

In which the reader is invited to give all they can to Christ...

We´ve got a bpatism set for this sauterday, a teenage boy gerado who i feel like is both my son and my little brother i love him and i also want to smack him with my pamphlets sometimes. but he had a dream awhile back and he told us now he knows he needs to be baptized!!!!! 😆😆😆 and he shared us a really great experience with us the other day. we were teaching about tithing and fast offerings and when we invited him to do a fast he pulled face and i said ´come on,i´ts not THAT hard´ and he said ´no,it´s not that. it´s just when i was a kid a lot of the time my step dad didn´t have work and my mom didn´t either so we would go for a day or two without eating anything,but i would sneak out the window and go looking for something,anything, from the neighbors or whatever and when i found something, sometimes it would just be enough for my little brother, but to watch him eat and enjoy whatever scraps i could find..i felt...good. i felt really good.´ and he was crying while he told us and i was trying not to cry too and i wanted to hug him and cry and buy him like seven tamales or something. 

and if you ask me time is passing WAY TO FAST. i don´t want to go home. i know i´ve been homesick and i´ve been suffering and been whining about how hard the mission is and it is hard. really really hard and i don´t always like and i´m not always happy honestly. i´ve been at my lowest and i think i´ve cried more than i´ve laughed but i don´t want to go home. i´m scared to go home. i´m scared that i´ll just go back to the way i was.never reading never praying and loose all this progress that i´ve made. i don´t know what i want to do. i don´t want to leave mexico.i love mexico. I love people here i love the weather i love the volcanoe and i love the members here and i want to live in mexico as a normal person,not as a missionary. 

As part of my personal study I’m reading the gospels and writing down the questions that Jesus asked when he taught, and one in Mark really caught my attention. A multitude had been following Christ and he didn´t want to send them away fasting, he was worried they might faint along the way. So he told his disciples to feed them.  I can imagine his disciples looking at one another then looking around at the desert around them thinking. ´…..and how are we supposed to do that? Do you see a market around here? ´ they even asked him  ´Shall we go and buy two hundred pennyworth of bread, and give them to eat?´
Kind of a sarcastic question. But the Savior didn´t rebuke them.  Instead, he asked ´How many loaves have ye?´
A lot of the time I feel like I´ve been asked to do the impossible.  I´ve got to teach repentance baptize converts and obey exactly to the letter and work with members (who sometimes make me want to pull my hair out) and make appointments and always find new people to teach and be smiling while I do it and grow in my testimony and in my faith and think of inspired questions and give the best example that I can for my companion and consecrate myself and I’m literal representative of the Lord and the church. That is a lot of responsibility.  Sometimes I react like the apostles. I don´t always have the best  attitude. Sometimes I just want to have a snarky comeback and do things the way I want.  Sometimes I think the way the third missionary thinks. Resentful or bitter and whiney.
But the Savior’s response changed a lot for me. ´how many loaves have ye?´
He didn´t tell them,  or the multitude, ´why didn´t you think to bring food? You made this problem, you solve it.´ instead, He asked them how much they already had, and more importantly how much they were willing to give Him. And when they could only muster up five little loaves He didn´t condemn them or their meager offering. He didn´t scoff and tell them that wouldn´t be enough. He didn´t demand that the find more. He took all that they had, even when it was clearly wasn´t enough, and he used His grace, His power to make it MORE than enough.  
41 And when he had taken the five loaves and the two fishes, he looked up to heaven, and blessed, and brake the loaves, and gave them to his disciples to set before them; and the two fishes divided he among them all.
 42 And they did all eat, and were filled.
 43 And they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments, and of the fishes.
He doesn´t ask that we change by ourselves or that we give more than we can, all He asks is that we come unto Him, that we give Him all that we can, even if we think that it´s not enough, and He makes it not just enough, but more than enough. He didn´t just feed the five thousand, they had enough to take home to their families too. He just asks us to trust Him and to give Him everything that we have.

the zone actiity that we had last monday. hermana martinez who also has the red bow and hermana quiroz are some of my favorite sisters here they´re so cute.

i don´t know why atlixco has brought out my inner photographer but it´s churning out some pretty sweet pictures

Monday, February 6, 2017