Monday, March 13, 2017

In which wedding bells toll...

not much has happened this week. actually a lot has happened this week. my ward mission leader changed again. rayo is going to get married on the thirtieth. that was a whole SHOW honestly. last monday we went to the civil register (i think that´s a thing in´s something to do with the government and getting married or something. i dunno) just me and hermana guzman and we went to go check out details about how you can supposedly get married for free on the thirtieth of this month and we got everything all figured out, the two of us and that was a whole show too but then it was fine because she could get married for free!!! so the first thing we did last monday was head to her papeleria and tell her everything and we called two members who have been friendshiping them and helping us with lessons and they were totally willing to be witness at her wedding and we were all three super happy then she called her husband and was like ´honey we can get married!!!!!´and he was just like.... ´but i have to work that day...can´t it be another day? why so soon? why ec ect ect.' 

to say i was disapointed would be an understament. but to make a long story short i had to leave the area for a day to do interchanges with our hermana leader which was btoh good and bad because i love hermana quiroz who i did interchanges with and bad because then i didn´t know what happened with rayo!!!! but when we met up together again on Wednesday THEY AGGREED!!! THEY´RE GETTING MARRIED. :D if everything goes well...........which....we´ll see.... with my luck. no. but she didn´t come to church yesterday and I´m not too sure how ready she is or how she might not get baptized while i´m here. which would bite´s better that she gets baptized when she´s ready not when it´s convinent for me so i can take a picture with her and show off to the rest of the mission my acomplishment,.

but we´ve got two other baptism dates. two girls, ten and fifteen years old. Melodi and Vanessa. Melodi´s mom is a member and so is Vanessa´s but Vanessa´s mom is in another state and she´s in Erica´s (melodi´s mom) care right now and her mom is okay with her getting baptized! they´re inactives. like....super inactives but they´re ridiculously willing and they were all ready when we passed by to take them to church yesterday, they were all in there dresses, even erica´s baby, Nahomi who is six months old and it was pretty fantastic. 

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