Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In which prayers are answered....

sorry that I couldn[t write to you guys yeserday but a TON of stuff went down and i[m sort of overwhelmed and i didn[t get a chance to get to a cyber yesterday. what happened is, i got transferred from atlixco to.....CHOLULA!!!! I'm in cholula again!!! and the crazy thing is that my ward is coronango which is a new ward they made about two weeks ago and it has a lot of the same areas that I had when I was in Ometoxtla in cholula about a year ago so i[ve got to see a ton of fimiliar faces which is nice. i[m also a sister trainer leader now which means i[m basically a district leader with my comp hna flores from peru but just for the sisters here. there[s not to many companionships in cholula, just two others and for this reason we[re also covering the zone of......TEHUCAN!!!! which is insane because tehucan is like three hours from cholula and we have to go do interchanges over there sometime in the coming weeks. it[s kind of ironic because i was praying and asking heavenly father, this is my last transfer, i want to go back to cholula or tehucan. if it is thy will let me go back to cholula or tehucan.......ask and ye shall recieve. i should have been more specific because now i have no idea how we[re going to do this. but that[s all i[ve got time for love you and we[ll talk more next week!!!!

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