Monday, April 10, 2017

In which Tory (yes Tory) cries tears of joy...

I`m doing really well. i get along way to well with my companion that we end up talking all night about anything and everything and we wake up like zombies which isn`t good because we`re both sick. we`ve got a cold. and it`s all her fault. 😣 no she says it`s elder medina`s fault because he came to the zone conference and got hna robertson sick who got hna flores sick who got ME sick and now we both are coughing and have a bunch of snotty noses and it`s a grand old time.   We`re talking like we`ve been smoking for fourty years but other than that. i`m good. all is well. All is forgiven because Hna Florez  is so cool she has the same tastes as me in basically everything and we get a long way too well. It makes it harder to stay focused. She`s from lima peru.

things are good here in cholula. i already know like half of my area because  they basically took half of my old ward, ometoxtla and half of the old ward of hna flores, la joya and made a new ward. so half of it i`m familiar with and half of it she knows so that`s fun.  time`s flying by way too fast. i don`t really halve much else to say. we`re good. i feel like hna flores is a little too laid back so i`m looking for a nice way to say buckle down with our time in the morning and studies and stuff and being more punctual and things like that but we`ve got interviews tomorow with president so that`ll be fun.

being sister trainer leader is just calling a lot of pepole and gossiping basically. okay not gossipy but it`s passing informes a los elderes los lideres de zona los assistentes. ect. and there`s a lot more preassure to reach your baptism goals. we`re basically sister zone leaders but we don`t have to meet with the stake president which is good.  but an investigator that we met on sauterday showed up yesterday and so that was cool and he wants us to meet his sons. i`m like 97% sure that he`s going to get baptized. hopefully in april but if not than in may.  i miss atlixco but i got to see hno lehi and his wife arely yesterday and their daughter who was born on my birthday seven months ago and she`s ADORABLE. but they`re in a different ward now so i probs won`t see them again. 😫

but i`m good. the house has a lot of bugs and my bed is reallly hard but i can last another five weeks. it`s CRAZY to think i`ve only got five weeks left of my mission. i try not to think about it to much but i feel good. i feel like i`ve done a good job. i`ve made a lot of mistakes and messed up and grown up and learned a lot and cried a lot and laughed a lot and i know more than anything that president stellmon is really proud of me. and if president is proud of me i`m guessing my father in heaven and earthly father are too so.. estoy contenta.

Also we had a BAPTISM last Friday! Vanessa and Melody were baptized and it was beautiful and amazing and i cried i was so happy.

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