Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In which Tory's shoes disagree with the local traditions...

This post will have Tory's e-mail's for the last two weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we've been very busy around here with this little fellow so you'll have to forgive us.
April 17, 2017

Well the secrataries just called me and asked me where i`d like to fly in and i said salt lake because i don`t know if saint george or ceader city will have international flights so i`ll be flying into salt lake but i sort of forgot what day i`ll actually be getting in.....i probably should have asked that. but i`m guessing tuesday may 16 and i don`t know what time. they`ll send me my itenerary later so then i`ll tell you. and as far as traditions go they only have sabado de gloria where they just run around soaking people with buckets of water..........i am not a fan of that tradition and neither are my shoes. but we`ve got to go to tehucan today so i`m not going to have much time to write just wanted to tell that i love you and not to worry about me and i don`t want to come home. i almost didn`t awnswer the secrataries today when they called. they called like five minutes ago. i don`t want to go home but at the same time i`m excited to see you guys but i donpt know. sorry for lame letters without pictures but this sister trainer leader stuff is the worst i don`t have time on pday anymore for anything. but i love you and i`ll see you soon!!!
April 24, 2017

sorry for not writing anything or sending anything but things aren`t going to well in coronango. it`s really frustrating. when i was in ome we had the SAME problems. it`s been like six months and everyone is stuck in the same place with the same problems and no one is accepting ANYTHING and we`re sister trainer leaders so we have a ton of preassure to meet our goals and we set a goal of two baptisms for april and i don`t think it`s happening. and we can`t find anyone and i`m sort of bitter because ome was my hardest area and i was there four FOUR MONTHS with nothing and why did i get sent BACK when i only have three weeks left to find three baptisms? why did i get sent back to the area that i sort of hated and was the hardest for me? it`s not fair!! we were doing wonders in atlixco, me and hna guzman. i love hna flores she`s amazing but i`m angry and bitter and sad that my last few weeks of the mission i`m going to wandering around this little town in the middle of nothing that is more catholic than the vatican. 

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